Review: Clear Cube Dupe

If you're into makeup, chances are you've seen the clear, acrylic makeup organizers made famous by the Kardashian sisters. Well, they are pretty awesome. Not only are they super convenient (being able to see your makeup makes things so much easier in the morning) but they also make your dressing table look oh-so-chic and pretty. They're MUCH nicer than the Ikea drawers that I usually use!

A while ago, I was contacted by a lovely woman from Malaysia named Romana. She sells tons of different types of these clear makeup drawers. You can have a look at her facebook page and see all the different types that she has at the moment (she does ship here, so yay!)

Anyway, Romana and I kept in touch and we've actually become friends! Wonders of the internet, eh? :) She was even sweet enough to send me one of her Clear Cube Dupes to try out. And OMG you guys, I want to get rid of all of my dressing tables and storage and just have walls of these things all over!

Here's what mine looks like.

I wasn't exactly sure how big this would be, but as you can see it can hold quite a bit of stuff! I use mine for all of the products I use the most. Having them in this case really makes it easier for me. It's so much more convenient to have everything in one place (and visible) rather than having to dig through my drawers every morning, then leaving things strewn across my dressing table.
 The Top 

I was almost shocked by how much you can store on the top! You can store 12 lipsticks (these are the ones I wear the most) as well as your favorite brushes and little pieces that never seem to have an actual spot (hello, tweezers and eyelash curlers!)

Top drawer (sorry, this was taken with my phone because I forgot to get one earlier!)

I keep my every day face products in the top drawer, so it's my MSF, concealers, blush and gel liner (not a face product, but it fits in there!)

 Bottom Drawer

Other every day products. My primer, Elf eyebrow kit and Illamasqua bronzing duo get used pretty much every day. The Bourjois shadow is a fave, I have been using it a liner and loving it! 

Each of the drawers is lined with a soft, sort of foamy liner that has a rubbery finish. That is a genius idea because it means your makeup stays put and doesn't move around in the drawers when you open them. It also keeps the storage unit (and your makeup) from getting scratched.

In conclusion, I am absolutely in LOVE with this and I will definitely be ordering more!

Romana's storage units start from USD15 for the smaller organizers and the bigger ones with four drawers start at USD130. BUT - I've got one for you to win coming up in the next post, so keep your eyes open!!

In case you can't wait to win one, you can always choose one from her facebook page and send her a message. She'll get right back to you with the price and shipping cost.


  1.  Hi Mish! You can get all of the info from her facebook page, :)

  2. Thanks a lot for this

  3. I need to get myself one of these. The one the kardashians use are bloody expensive! SOO out of my price range :( xo

  4. I know!! It's ridiculous how much some stores charge! Such a shame because otherwise I'd buy them all!

  5. I remember you telling me about this. It is really lovely. I like the handles on each drawer


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