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Quick Tip: Nail Polish Removal With Deborah Lipmann

I spend a LOT of time on Pinterest. Way too much time, one could say. Anyway, I do find a lot of cool tips on there, including this awesome way to remove nail polish.

I tried it out and it is AMAZING!! I was able to take off all of my polish in about three minutes (counting cutting all the cotton!) And the best part was that I didn't have to rub my nails, so it was actually really gentle on them. In fact, I've done this a few times already and my nails don't peel as much as they used to! Yay!

I did a little googling and found the video where Deborah actually shows the technique herself. How fab is she?

Have any of you tried this method? Let me know if you do, I'd love to hear how it worked for you! :)

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  1. Nail polish is a fashion. So often it's need to change. For this need to removal. For this it will be so fine.

  2. brilliant! 

  3. That is amazing! Does  it work with any old nail polish remover?



  4.  I'm pretty sure it would! I used my plain old Cutex remover with it and it worked amazingly :)

  5. I'm definitely going to try this! Rubbing off the nail polish can be so annoying. Thanks for sharing the tip!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life 

  6.  Let me know if you try this! :)

  7.  Nail polish remover can be such a bummer, can't it? I'm actually loving this technique!

  8. Thanks for puting this up! Getting quite fed up with rubbing off the polish. Deffo goin to try this one out :)


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