Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud Launch

Last month (yes, I am INCREDIBLY far behind on my blogging as usual!) I got to go to the launch of Jo Malone's newest perfume, Velvet Rose and Oud.

Velvet Rose and Oud is part of Jo Malone's Cologne Intense collection, which is their strongest collection. These babies are powerful! Which actually makes them great for layering, because you literally only need a spray or two of each to last all day.

Velvet Rose and Oud is a delicious, intense smell. It's funny because smells like Oud and Sandalwood always remind me of my grandmother's house. But Fabrice Pellegrin, the man behind the scent, has managed to create a wonderfully modern interpretation of traditional scents. 

Along with Damask Rose and Oud, he mixed clove and praline! Praline isn't used a lot so it really adds a delightful wist to the mix. And the results are stunning. As soon as I smelled it I was like 'this is what 'grown up' smells like. It's beautiful, sexy and incredibly sophisticated. 

We also got a few tips from Debbie Wild, Jo Malone's lovely lifestyle director. She said that you should spray the cologne down the middle of you, avoiding your face, and also spray your hair so that it just catches the breath as you walk past. And for a little bit of playfulness, you can also spray  your back (a little difficult, but it does make sense because people don't do that, and it's a good way to leave a little scented trail as you walk away :) )

Velvet Rose and Oud Intense Cologne retails for Dhs630 for 100mls at Jo Malone stores. And that 100mls will last you FOREVER, so it is a good investment. You can also visit your nearest Jo Malone store and they will find the best combination of colognes for you.

*the event pictures were taken by lovely, super talented photographer Charney Magri.


  1. This sounds lovely! I really want a Jo Malone fragrance, but I never know which one to pick! Thanks for those tips, I'm definitely going to spray perfume on my hair or back next time as I find it never lasts on me! x

  2.  I misted my hair last night and it was so lovely that I kept swishing my hair around to smell it haha. It's still there this morning, too, so I may have to make this a regular thing! :) Jo Malone is great because they really train their staff so they should be able to help you pinpoint the perfect scent for you!: )


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