A Visit to Nstyle's New Sharjah Branch

So, a little while ago I was invited to try out Nstyle's brand new Sharjah branch in Matajer Al Juraina. It's their very first one in Sharjah, so I was excited to see what it was like.
It's actually right next to University City in Sharjah, which makes it the perfect place for post-class/pre-weekend primping! The mall it's in is actually really cute, it also has a Carrefour and Caribou coffee shop, so I think it's going to be really busy.

The interior of the nail spa

The salon is set up in the traditional Nstyle way, with purple and white being the main colors. Check out those shiny floors! :)

 Rows upon rows of nail polish! Aaaahh!

Nstyle actually has it's own line of formaldehyde, toluene, and DPB polishes, in over 200 shades. Which means you'll be spending a lot of time choosing the perfect color!


 Finally narrowed my choice down to three gorgeous summer brights!

In the end, I settled on a super bright, neon orange that I thought was perfect for the summer. It lasted about 5 days before it began to chip, which I thought was incredibly reasonable considering I am a crazy germaphobe/handwasher and I do the dishes a lot.

And if you've ever spoken to me, you'll know how much I LOVE glossy nail polish, so you can imagine how happy I was with this finish! I know it's kind of sad, but shiny, freshly manicured nails make make me very happy!
 Love this color, but can't quite remember the name (bad blogger!)

Apart from your basic manicures and pedicures (and fancy add-ons) Nstyle Al Juraina also has a hair salon and spa treatment rooms. Which means you can get everything from a blowdry to a bikini wax done in the same place. They also do Minx nails, which are so pretty!

 Some of the Minx nail stickers in stock

 One of the treatment rooms. All of their facials are done using Dermalogica products.

I think it's great that Sharjah finally has an Nstyle, if you live there it will probably save you a lot of time since you won't have to drive all the way to Dubai!

If you'd like more info on this salon, you can check out their website or call them on (06) 545 8420. Let me know if you head down, I'd love to hear what you think!



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    Going back to your post I never been to Nstyle but it looks nice 

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  4. Looks great! I would love a facial right now!

  5.  ooh me too!!! I had one a couple of weeks ago and promised I'd get them more regularly, but that hasn't happened: (

  6.  yes, I've seen those!! They look very interesting :)

  7.  Let me know if you try the Ciate, I'd love to see how it looks! :)

  8. Looks amazing. Loving the orange nail polish : )



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