This Week I...

I'm having lots of fun with instragram at the moment, so I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and share my pictures once a week :) (Assuming I actually do things that merit taking pictures...truth be told, most of my days are spent in front of a computer or lying in bed)

Here's what I got up to this week!

 I headed out to Abu Dhabi with Sadia for the launch of Dolce and Gabbana's latest collection. I got my nails done at the launch and discovered my new absolute favorite shade for summer, mint!

 I went to the Mikyajy fragrance launch - they launched two new fragrances and I can't wait to tell you all about them!! (Post coming soon!)

I went all 80s with big hair, pink lips and neon colored hawaiian prints! 
 I also got to preview the new L'occitane hair range which includes a new sulfate-free shampoo! Exciting!!

 And I went all creative. I made myself a new anklet and this gorgeous black glitter phone cover! I love it so much! I'll have tutorials up ASAP!

Phew! I was pretty busy this week :) I obviously have a lot of blogging to do now, so stay tuned! 

Well, this was my week :) How was yours? We have a three day weekend right now, so wooooop! 

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend! Lots of love, Aseya.


  1. You look beautiful with the big hair and hot pink lips missus! x

  2. oh u look so amaaazing girl!

    That L'Occitine shampoo sounds promising.. Can't wait for ur review ;)

  3. The phone cover looks amazing!!! 

  4. I have been following you on Instagram & I loved your updates,The DIY Cover & Mikyajy  are my fav .. <3 rafimazh

  5. You look lovely in the 3rd picture :) I love mint nails for summer too! xx

  6.  oh my gosh, it was SUPER easy!! :)

  7.  Thanks Joy! I know, I was never really into them but right now I can't stop oohing and aahing hahah

  8.  Hehe thanks! I'm gonna use the shampoo tonight so I'll review in the next two weeks, hopefully :)

  9.  Aww thanks for following me Rafia :)


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