Mikyajy Fragrance Launch

Mikyajy recently held an event at Amika at the Monarch hotel to launch their two newest eau de toilettes; Flirt Dreams and Dicey Royale.

Models displaying Flirt Dreams (left) and Dicey Royale (right)

The fragrances are updates on their already best-selling fragrances Flirt and Dicey. Amika was set up into three areas, the main area in the middle and two separate rooms that were hidden until the fragrances were debuted!

Each of the hidden rooms housed a model who embodied the persona of the perfume and each of the girls were introduced with a song that also set the mood for the fragrance. It was fun because each of the rooms were set up differently, so it made for some fun exploring.

  The Dicey Royale model in the Dicey Royale room

The Dicey Royale room was a little dark and sophisticated. It had tones of red and burgundy running through it - very sexy!

 Dicey Royale EDT

The Flirt Dreams room was a big contrast to the Dicey Royale room. It was full of white and lilac tones and felt very airy and girlie.

 The Flirt Dreams model

Flirt Dreams EDT

The fragrances are now available in Mikyajy stores, and I will have a full review of them very soon!

Have any of you tried these or any of the Mikyajy fragrances? Anything that you can recommend?


  1. Fun ! I wish we had more events like that in KSA

  2. wow! I so want them I hate the fact that they dont ship worldwide! Lucky you! I have used Mikyajy;s Kivi Crush!

  3. ahaa..new Fragrances from my fav Brand,..I loved the look of Dicey Royale EDT,...Yes I have used KARAZ Mikyajy Fragrance & I Simply Feel so fresh & good after using it <3


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