Hair Time With Raymond Moussan

So, last year, I went to a blogger's evening with Tresemme. We got to meet Raymond Moussan, a super talented hair stylist based in Dubai.

I was recently contacted by Tresemme again and they asked if I wanted an appointment to see Raymond. Now, if there's one thing I love, it's getting to pick the brains of people in the beauty industry. So of course, I was like 'yes, please!'.

I headed down to Raymond's salon, at Samaya hotel for my appointment. 

 Moussan salon

The salon is very clean and almost seemed a little space-agey. The walls, floors and ceiling are white and I love the big windows, which make the salon seem even bigger than it is. 

I sat down and had a chat with Raymond about my biggest hair concerns. My biggest concern at the time was my scalp. I suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis, which acts up when I'm stressed and makes my scalp peel. Sexy, I know! Anyway, he recommended a deep cleanse with Tresemme's Deep Cleansing shampoo to clear up my scalp and a little bit of cut to give my hair a little bit more shape. The shampoo actually really did help my scalp. It also seemed to calm it a bit, and I noticed I could wait a little bit longer before I washed it again. (Don't worry, I'll have a full review up soon!)

 Raymond working his magic with his scissors!

A few weeks before my appointment, I had a couple of red streaks put in my hair which were fading a little. Raymond suggested we add a little more red to make them pop a little more and I loved the results!

And of course, I had to ask him (more than) a few questions about hair care, which he very politely and patiently answered for me. Here are some of his tips:

1. Raymond says that stress is absolutely a huge contributor to hair loss issues. And since so many people living in the UAE lead very stressful lives (we work hard and play hard, so to speak), hair loss is such a common issue. You need to learn to relax.

2. Another big tip about hair loss is to make sure that you use some sort of topical vitamins. He says that when the hair falls out, it's because the roots are weak. So you need to make sure to strengthen them so that they don't fall out again, otherwise you'll eventually lose the hair completely. (leading to bald patches or thinning hair)

3. If you have scalp issues (like dandruff, or dermatitis) make sure you treat it IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait because these issues can also lead to hair loss.

4. For people who work out in the gym every day, or just need to wash their hair every day in general, start using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. That will cleanse your hair but won't over dry or damage it if used every day.

5. If you want your hair color to last, you need to take care of it. Avoid dyeing your hair too much, this can make the cuticles open so that they don't hold color as long, which means your color will fade really quickly. He used an ammonia-free color on me, which is less harsh and also adds shine (extra bonus!)

6. If you hair coarse, dry hair (like I do) you definitely need to use a leave in treatment and throw on a hair mask at least once a week. And never, ever forget your heat protectant! Tresemme actually have a really great heat protectant spray, so look for a review on that as well :)

He also had some really interesting thoughts on the ever popular Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Bottom line, Keratin is already found in hair, it's not a chemical and it can be used to strengthen or repair your hair. BUT - it won't straighten it, so anything that claims it uses keratin to straighten hair is just a gimmick. It's the added chemicals that straighten your hair.

Putting the finishing touches on my blow out!

Some of the Tresemme products that Raymond used on my hair. The one with the purple label is the heat protectant that I mentioned before.

The Moussan Salon is located at Samaya hotel in Dubai and you can call (04) 2242294 for an appointment. I definitely recommend it, it's refreshing to meet a stylist who is as concerned (if not more) with safety and the condition of hair as he is with the results. Let me know if any of you head down there, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Thanks Tresemme and Raymond, I had a really great time!


  1. Great tips! need to definetly start looking after my hair! oh and your new cut looks great!

  2. A very useful tips, 5 months ago I used Keratin and apperently the guy burned my hair :( I am treating with Argan oil and Hot oil too,.

    I will definitely vist the salon before my vacation

  3. Your hair looks lovely, Aseya! Thanks for sharing the tips! xx

  4. Hi Aseya,
    Great comments and you really know how to describe your experience.
    And you look great.
    Thank you.   

  5.  I definitely recommend it! Let me know how it goes! :)

  6.  You're welcome! I should have some more up soon! :)

  7.  You're welcome! Glad you liked the post :)

  8. Great post! i know you posted this a while ago but I'm just catching up on your posts :) I have the same scalp condition and nothing i've tried has helped so far but my hairdresser recommended the De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance range and my scalp is so great now! There's a shampoo, conditioner and toner in the set and I'd recommend the whole range.

  9. GlitterishallsortsJune 3, 2012 at 11:52 PM

    Unfortunately I couldn't really get Raymond to cut my hair but I've loved the products they sent me to try. Tresemme I do love you so! :p x

  10. Oh, I'm really going to have to look those up! This scalp issue is such a pain!

  11.  I can't wait to try them! I have been looking for a good sulfate free shampoo :)

  12. Where do you get the tresseme heat protect from?

  13. Hi Chi!

    I am pretty sure that you can find the heat protect in most big supermarkets.


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