UNE Intuitive Touch BB-Cream Concealer

 UNE Intuitive Touch BB-Cream Concealer

UNE is a French skincare and cosmetics company, whose philosophy is "natural beauty". Their products are completely free of animal products (and not tested on animals), come in eco-friendly packaging and contain no parabens or silicones. Kinda sounds a little too good to be true, doesn't it?

Lucky for us, it is true. I've previously called their lip balm the very best lip balm I have ever tried, a statement which I still stand by. So how does their new BB-Cream Concealer measure up?

 The concealer comes in UNE's usual clean, sleek, white packaging with a mirror on top

The world has gone crazy for BB creams, and UNE has taken the concept of BB creams and made one specifically for the delicate eye area. 

 A close up of the concealer 

I actually really like this concealer. I love the texture, it goes on creamy and dries to a powder - but it's hydrating so it doesn't dry out your eye area or settle in fine lines or creases. 

The concealer is super easy to blend, which makes it perfect for touch ups during the day. Just apply it directly where you need it (under your eyes or on blemishes) and gently blend with your fingertips and you're ready to go!

It also brightens really well. And if that's not enough, it also contains maca root, the “Andean
ginger” renowned for stimulating skin cell vitality, boosting radiance and rejuvenating the eyes". Quite the multi-tasker!

 The texture of the concealer is creamy and easy to blend

Here you can see that it's turned to a bit of a powdery finish

This concealer is sold at Debenhams, Beauty Bay and Vavavoom stores, for Dhs100.

Have you tried this BB-cream concealer? Is it something you would like to try out? On another note, I'm really interested in trying out BB creams, but I've been having a problem finding one suitable for dark skin, any suggestions?



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