Sally Hansen Mani-Pedi Treats

Sally Hansen Firming Hand Cream, Revitalizing Foot Soak and Pumice Foot Polish

It is officially time to put the boots and ballet flats into storage. The weather is warming up, which can mean one's time to break out the sandals. Don't have the time (or money) to head down to the salon for a manicure and pedicure? Not to worry...Sally Hansen's got ya covered.

Already a leader in the world of nail care and color, Sally Hansen has now turned their attention to your hands and feet. They've released a new range of everything you need for the perfect at-home mani-pedi.

The pedicure collection contains a Revitalizing Foot Soak, Pumice Foot Polish and Moisturizing Foot Creme. The manicure collection contains two handcreams; a Firming Handcreme to firm, moisturize and brighten your hands and a Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme that is specially formulated for dry, rough hands and cuticles.

I was sent three items from the new range to try out. And here's what I thought:

Firming Hand Cream: so moisturizing, without leaving a greasy film on my hands. It also has a lovely citrus scent, which took me by surprise at first. I guess I'm used to more floral/vanilla scented handcreams. This one is a very refreshing change. The tube is a little too big to carry in my purse, so I keep mine on the table next to my laptop so that I remember to use it.

Revitalizing Foot Soak: Ah, I do love a good foot soak. This one smells like lavender, so it's very relaxing. My feet have been super tense lately and I love pouring a little of this into my foot bath and soaking my feet while I'm watching TV.

Pumice Foot Polish: Also smells like lavender. It's not as grainy as I thought it would  be, it's actually quite creamy. I think this is more of a scrub that you can keep in the shower and use every day, rather than a once in a while super scrub. However, the smaller grains and creamy base make this perfect for scrubbing the tops of your feet.

Overall, I think these are great products to have, especially if you're as into at home mani/pedis as I am. They're incredibly affordable and available pretty much everywhere. The products range between 17-25 Dirhams, so it really can't hurt to try them out :)



  1. I m also into home mani /pedis.. will try these out.. 

  2. I'd love to try these out. My feet are in desperate need of some TLC. I have to wear steel toe cap shoes to work, which doesn't do them any favours! I think I'd need some power tools though tbh to help the state they are in!! ;)

    Clare x

  3. Wow, I didn't even know they had skincare! Love the bright packaging x

  4. Great! Let me know what you think :)

  5.  aww! hehehe Well you could always have a pedicure and then use these as more of a "maintenance" routine :) That's what I do :)

  6.  Right? They really stand out from all of the pinks and creams that most of these products come in.

  7. Hi, where can i find this in dubai?


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