Back To School -A Day of Fun at Academie Esthetique!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend a "Trend Workshop" at local beauty training center, Academie Esthetique.Some of you may remember that I went to beauty school myself, so it was really fun for me to be back in that environment. Academie Esthetique reminded me so much of where I trained!

The school graciously invited 6 bloggers to take part in a trend workshop, which was kind of their way of demonstrating what their courses were like.We got to learn about two big trends for spring/summer 2012, bold lips and fresh skin, and loose wavy hair with a center parting.

First we were given demos by Nadia, the hairdressing instructor, and Allesia, the makeup and beauty therapy instructor.

Nadia goes to work on Allesia
Allesia working her magic on the school's marketing manager, Shadi

 Then we got together in pairs and tried the techinques on each other! One of the other bloggers wasn't able to make it, so I teamed up with Suzanne from Polar Bear, who had arranged the event.

Um...the pictures I took didn't really turn out very well (ie I look pretty hideous in them) so I'm gonna spare myself the embarrassment and head straight to the final look!

Here are the steps we were taught for the hair:

Start with clean hair.
Divide your hair into 4 sections and clip 3 of them out of the way.
Take a smaller sections of the section you have out, and clip the rest out of the way.
Comb the section with a fine-toothed comb then lightly spray it with hairspray then curl it with a curling iron.
Roll the curled section and pin it up.
When all of your hair is curled and pinned up, spray lightly with hairspray and let it cool while you do your makeup.
Take it down when it's cooled and there ya go! Pretty waves that will last all day :)

For the makeup, Allesia suggested keeping the eyes bare, with just a little mascara. She told us to use a creamy highlighter for that pretty, perfect-for-spring, dewy look and a creamy blush (or bright lipstick) on the cheeks. Then you can go crazy with a bold, bright lipstick and a bit of gloss for added dimension.

It was such a fun day! I stayed behind after everyone left to sit and chat with the girls from the school, they're so lovely. I some pictures of the classrooms and stuff as well, but I'm going to put them in another post for you guys. In the meantime, they are running some great courses so have a look on their website


  1. You are SO pretty! 

  2. Heheh thanks! It's one of the few photos that actually turned out! :)

  3. You look gorgeous!!!!


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