Review: Belle Femme Herbal Hair Oil

Living in Dubai can be wonderful, but it can also wreak havoc on your hair. Our hair is constantly exposed to sunshine which can not only dull, fade and lighten hair color, it can also dry out your hair and ends. Couple that with hard desalinated water and the fact that most of us like to blowdry and iron our hair into magazine-cover perfection, and you've got some pretty damaged hair.

Well, that's my story at least. My hair has also been dyed numerous times. In the past year alone, I've been a brunette, blonde and redhead. I recently went back to my natural color and am trying to bring my naturally curly hair back to life.

I am a big fan of pre-shampoo treatments which, as the name implies, are applied before you wash your hair. One of my favorite pre-shampoo treatments at the moment is Belle Femme's Herbal Hair Oil.

Belle Femme Herbal Hair Oil

Belle Femme is one of the leading salons in Dubai. They recently created their very own hair oil. The oil is completely natural and meant to be used on both the hair and scalp. The instructions say to leave it on for about an hour before you shampoo, however I sometimes leave it on for a few hours or even overnight. 

The oil is a mix of so many great-for-your hair oils, including coconut, almond, sesame and rose oil. It also contains a selection of  herbs (including Neem), harvested from Belle Femme's own farm in India.

The oil is surprisingly light, and very easy to spread throughout the hair. I usually just section my hair into four sections and apply the oil to each one before putting it all up in a bun. Here's a quick tip for rinsing out any hair oils: mix some shampoo and water in a small water bottle and pour that onto dry hair. Then just lather and rinse it all out :)

The oil does have a strong herbal smell, due to the fact that the herbs are actually in the bottle! I found it kind of overpowering at first, but quickly got used to it and don't really mind since the oil works so well.

Here's a close up of the herbs and flowers in the oil.

This oil leaves my hair so shiny and really cuts down on tangles. It has really helped the overall texture of my hair. I think it's especially great if you have thick, coarse, dry hair, like me or if you heat-style your hair a lot. But, as I mentioned, it is very light so I think you could probably use it if you have finer hair as well.  Also, a little goes a long way. I've used mine for a few weeks now and it's not even half way finished yet. 

The oil is available at the Belle Femme salons in Jumeirah and JBR for 200 Dirhams.

Have you tried this oil? Are you a fan of hair oils or pre-shampoo treatments in general?

*This product is a PR sample


  1. Nice post! I love pre shampoo treatments too this seems like an interesting one, I use a lot of argan oil treatments, Dabur Amla is good too! xx

  2. oh that one's a great one too! I've never tried argan oil, I'm gonna have to look for some when I go on vacation :)

  3. Hi Aseya, I came across your blog and read about the Belle Femme Herbal Oil. Sounds interesting and something I would like to try for myself. I was initially looking for a oil called "red oil" supposedly from Dubai too? I was wondering if this might be the same thing? Would you know anything about this "red oil"? Anyways thought I'd ask and also how do I order this herbal oil? I reside in Canada, BC. xo

  4. Hi Shana!

    I haven't heard of red oil before. Do you have any more information on it?

    I'm not sure where you can order the Belle Femme oil, I think it may only be sold in the salon. But you can get in touch with them through their website I hope that helps! :)


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