Valentines Day Is A-comin'!

So, despite all of my threats and curses, Valentine's Day is apparently still happening this year. *awkward giggle*

The good thing about Valentine's Day is that even if you don't celebrate it, or have someone to celebrate with, you can still go out and TREAT YO' SELF!

Treat Yo Self - One of my favorite Parks And Recreation Scenes!

Whether you wanna treat yo self or some other selves, here is a list that might help :)

Swarovski has released an exclusive Valentine's Day 2012 collection. The collection includes watches, jewelry, crystal figurines and even wallets, wristlets and iphone cases.

 The First Kiss Kris Bears Figurine
Romantic Leather Iphone 4 Case

Bourjois has everything that you need to pretty yourself up for Valentine's day (or any other day, really!) Check out their Smoky Eye Trio in Rose Vintage. It has some gorgeous pinks to create a beautiful, candle-lit feminine look for the day. 
 Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Rose Vintage

If you're looking to really bring the hotness this Valentine's Day, try one of Benefit's tints or highlighters. I personally love Watt's Up, which looks gorgeous layered over some Benetint.

 Benefit's Benetint

And of course, what big day would be complete without fragrances? Check out the enormous collection at Faces, and have a look at their skin care and make up as well!

A selection of fragrances available at Faces

Whew! That's a lot of stuff! Will you be celebrating with a loved or treating yourself this Valentine's Day?


  1. Oh  my, Valentines Day is right around the corner, 
    and I still have no clue what to get the bf >_< o

    oh no!!

  2. oh no! I guess that's the good thing about being single at Valentine's Day...I don't have to worry about presents. Boys are so hard to shop for!

  3. So cute! Love that benefit beauty! And ooh I want to treat myself now ;)


  4. Hahahah I remember that episode of Parks and Rec!

  5. I know! I thought the roses were such a cute touch :)

  6.  Wasn't it hilarious?? I love parks and rec :)

  7. Thanks for beauty blog.


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