My 2012 Resolutions

(slightly late but oh well!)

So here are my resolutions. I'm still working on most of them and I figured that writing them down would make them more "real" for me :)

1. Get Serious About Weight loss, health and fitness

I started working out last year, and while it didn't make a big difference to my weight or size, it made me feel amazing! I have PCOS and losing weight would greatly reduce my symptoms. However, the PCOS makes it incredibly difficult to lose weight (go figure). The only way (or most efficient way) for me to lose weight is to cut back on carbs, which is sooo hard for me!

So this year, I am actually going to stick to a low carb diet (South Beach) and keep up with the workouts. I don't just want to lose weight, I really want to become fit, strong and flexible. So along with cardio, I'm doing a lot of yoga and strength training.

2. Become an "Adult" and get my life together

The past few years have kind of just melted away for me. Apart from blogging, I haven't really done much with my life since I stopped working. I have been working on getting a few projects going, but for one reason or another,  they didn't work out. This year I am going to focus on starting a career. I'm starting to panic a little as my thirties get closer, and I don't want to end up a 30 year old loser living off of her parents (as fun as that is! haha)

My main goals are to find something I like doing and start making money off of it. I also want to start saving so that I can eventually move into my own place. Another big thing for me is that I do want to raise a family. Who knows whether or not there will be a husband in that family, so I'd really like to prepare to start a family on my own and make sure that I can financially support us on my own.

3. Stop Hiding at Home So Much

New Years Eve at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, 2009. I haven't been back since, but hopefully will make it back this year!
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a hermit. I sometimes prefer to stay at home by myself and watch TV rather than go out and party/socialize. So this year, I am forcing myself to get out of my shell and go experience life! This also has to do with my 30s coming up. I wanna make sure I squeeze as much out of my 20s as I can, and I don't have much time left!

4. Start Being More Glamorous/ Dressing More Stylishly

I just love Nicole Richie's style. She has the best jewelry!

As I mentioned before, I haven't been able to lose as much weight as I'd like. And it has really affected the way I look at myself and the way I present myself. I rarely go shopping for new clothes because I'm "saving up for when I hit my target weight/size". So I mainly wear maxi dresses and things that I can hide under. Not anymore. I've decided to start dressing nicer and buying new clothes because the body I have right now deserves to look just as nice as the body I will eventually have. I'm taking inspiration from a bunch of fashion blogs and celebrity style blogs and trying to get myself to wear more makeup and even put on a pair of heels once in a while! :)

5. Let Loose and Just Have Fun

I'm a pretty serious person and I tend to worry about everything and everyone (guess that comes with being the oldest child AND grandchild!)
This year, I really wanna try to let loose and just enjooooy myself. I also want to try to do things that are (a little!) outside of my comfort zone and try to relax about everything. Yes, I think I can do that!

Well, those are my 2012 resolutions! What are yours?


  1. Good luck with your New Years Resolutions! xx

  2. Mine are all just about the same as yours - particularly the 'stop being a hermit' one! Happy New Year, lovely x

  3. Thanks Hannah! Have you made any this year?

  4. It's so hard to get out of though! The couch is so comfy! hehe

  5. Those are great resolutions! I don't really make New Year resolutions even though there's a couple of things I could work on. I know what you mean by wanting to find a job you truly love - I will be finished with Uni this summer and I absolutely don't know what I want to do. I guess I'm afraid to not be completely happy in a random job ):

  6. This is such an inspirational post! I should really start worrying less! xo

  7. Yeah, I totally understand! I've bounced from job to job and I really want to do something I love so that I can be stable at it :)

  8. Thanks! It's hard not to worry though. My mind always automatically goes to worst case scenario. I'm trying to work on it though :)

  9. Those are great resolutions! Looks like 2012 will be a busy year for you =)
    I need to find a career too =/ very stressful when you dont know what you want!

  10. Marie Elizabeth de CastroJanuary 16, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    Hi Aseya, I love love your resolutions and I can really relate too since I have PCOS and I'm having a hard time losing weight too... 

  11. it’s not too late… guys, always think positive! J thanks for sharing, it’s really an inspiration for me!

  12.  it’s not too late… guys, always think positive! J thanks for sharing, it’s really an inspiration for me

  13. Christina WolthersJanuary 17, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    Good for you lady!  It's always such a great idea to write goals down and share them, that way you have a better chance at sticking to them.  I am loving #2.  It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do but I am there now and LOVE it.  Plus, I'm glad I waited for the right role...


  14. Hahah I hope it will be busy! :) I kinda know what I wanna do, I definitely want to stay in beauty but I need to find a way to make money with it, which is tough!

  15. Hi Marie! Thanks so much for sharing. It's always much more comforting to know there are other people out there struggling with the same thing. I'm really trying to get my weight down so I can get rid of some of the PCOS symptoms, but this darn PCOS thing makes me put on even more weight!! So frustrating! :(

  16. Thanks! I really want to do something I love because I really want to be able to stick to it this time! :)

  17. Hey girly, thanks for the comment! I think this is a really inspiring post. I also have health issues and this sometimes limits my ability to work out. I had to find something that would work for me! Also changing eating habits helped as well! :) 

    I think its super cool that you are trying to figure out working for yourself, before I got my new job I was debating doing that but more for a non-profit organization and working for a cause. The main issue for me was getting over the fear of failure and just going for it. Writing my goals down wasn't enough anymore I really had to start planning out and working on it! 

    Good Luck with everything! Keep us updated :)

  18. I think we have the same resolutions!!!!
    That picture of the girl doing yoga is insane!!!! 
    I hope to achieve that flexibility by the end of this year <3
    Hope you achieve all of your resolutions!

    xoxo, maria

  19.  Hi Jena! I'm soo sorry I thought that I had already responded to this a while ago, but I guess it didn't go through. Fear of failure is always there. I'm currently working on getting to where I wanna be, but I'm still like 'what if it doesn't work out??' It can be frustrating, so I just try not to focus on that part :)

  20. I know, right?? I hope I can be that flexible one day! Good luck to you too, I hope you achieve all of yours as well!! :)


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