I've had a really good week filled with lots of pretty things!! First, I received a giveaway prize from Holly from Ulta Is My Candy Store (such a cute name, right??).

Holly recently held her very first giveaway and I was lucky enough to win it! The original prize was an Avon 24K lipgloss in Honey Gold. She even surprised me with an extra lipgloss and some surprises! :)

 The lipglosses (I opened one hehe) plus a cute handwritten card and some perfume samples

 The supersweet card that Holly included :)

The second package came from Steph from Ess-Jay 24. The giveaway was actually from a while ago, but unfortunately, Steph couldn't send it (I think because of the aerosol can) over so she sent it to a friend of mine. My friend recently came into town and brought everything with her! So now I have tons of new things to play with! :)

 Goodies!!! I am so excited because most of these products are not available here!

 Steph also included this adorable notebook and pen. Great for noting down blogging ideas!

There was an amazingly sweet note on the first page of the notebook!

Thank you so much Holly and Steph!! Everything is adorable and I love it alll!!! :)
If you guys have time, check out their blogs, both of them are amazing and I know you'll love them!

Has everyone had a good weekend?

NOTD: Nailstation Greensleeves

Nailstation - Greensleeves

This nail polish was given away as part of World of Fashion week at Mall of the Emirates. It's a beautiful blue green (almost teal) that wears much better than most of the other Nailstation polishes that I own. I think it's a great color for fall. And it's the same color as the green in all of the World of Fashion artwork!

 World of Fashion Events

The polish came free with a complimentary polish change at the galleria at Mall of the Emirates. I had to wait a bit, which I normally hate, but I just HAD to get my hands on this polish as I really loved the color! It also came with a super cute, glittery nail file!

 The polish and nail file, plus a 30% off giftcard for Nailstation

Did any of you manage to get your hands on this polish? Are you feeling green shades for this fall/winter?

Pretty At...Benefit's Watt's Up Launch

On Tuesday, I was invited to the launch of Benefit's newest product, Watt's Up. I was really excited to check it out as I love Benefit products (like most women do!) They always come up with the cutest names and packaging!

 Benefit Watt's Up Soft Focus Highlighter

This highlighter is double-ended. One end is the highlighter stick and the other end is a super soft sponge blender, so you can buff and blend to your heart's content!
The launch was held at Sephora, Mall of the Emirates. Everything was so girlie and cute!!

The Benefit Stand at Sephora

 The Sephora girls getting in on the fun!

And I even made a new friend!

My new friend

No, really..I did!
 Me and my new bestie

If I look super glowy in that picture, it's because I had my makeup done by Basma of B. Beautiful. She is amazing, and super down to earth. She also gave me tons of tips. But can we just talk about how big my eyes look?? It seemed like they grew three times their size as soon as Basma applied Watt's Up to my brow bones.

Basma in action
And of course, we got some super cute gift bags that contained:

 My very own Watt's Up and a gorgeous sequined makeup bag from Benefit!

The Adorable Competition

There was also a super cute competition. All you had to do was choose something that turns you on, then turn the dial on the candy dispenser. The number on your candy corresponded to a whirly sucker, which had a sticker clue for your prize! I had to take a few tries (shhh!), but I finally got one! Mine said 'enjoy breakfast with Gabbi!'

 Gabbi!! :)

The launch was so much fun! I got tons of tips on how to use Watt's Up and I can't wait to share them with you guys. This product seems great, it wears beautifully and doesn't sweat off, which is always a plus for our climate! I will let you guys have the full review and retail information in my next post. 

Have you tried this out yet? Is it something you'd be interested in?

Review: Rimmel New Vinyl Max Lipgloss

 Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss - Outrageous. 38 Dirhams at all Rimmel retailers.

 Shade 701 - Outrageous

Vinyl Max is the latest lipgloss offering from Rimmel. It is basically like a turbo-charged lipgloss! I was surprised by how big it actually is.

Rimmel Says:
Rimmel has given it's cult gloss classic a new supersize volume makeover. With it's revolutionary volumizing complex and clever new one swipe wand, lips are plumper for a huge impact! MAXimum shine, MAXimum comfort, MAXimum color!

I say:
This is the first Rimmel lipgloss that I have ever tried and I'm glad I finally did! The formula is gorgeous. It's not sticky at all, but it's thick enough to give you a minimum of a few of hours wear. The gloss doesn't creep into lip lines, or pool at the corners, and it sort of creates a smooth, even, mirror like finish.

As for the volumizing complex, well I already have larger lips but I did notice a slightly cooling effect, so you will probably notice a slight volumizing effect if your lips are smaller.

Since I do have larger lips, I found the super-sized applicator to be quite convenient. But it does remind me of the glosses that were released with MAC's WonderWoman collection. I know that a lot of women complained that the applicators were too big for their lips. So I can see how it might be a little bit less convenient for some women. However, the applicator is angled and the tip is pretty pointed so you can always maneuver it that way.

 Rimmel Vinyl Max compared to NARS lipgloss, so you can see the difference in applicator size.
Swatch of Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss #701

In the print ad, Georgia May Jagger is wearing Vinyl Max #301, Addictive. It looks like a great shade for party season!

Those headphones are soo cute!

Have any of you tried these?

This item was sent to me by PR.

I'm Back With A Giveaway!

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I've just been super busy (details coming up soon!!).  To make up for it, here's that giveaway I promised :)
 The Official Grazia Magazine Nail Polish by TITO

Would you like to win this gorgeous bottle of pink nail polish? It's the same one that I wore as my NOTD here. This pink is perfect for the cooler weather. It packs a punch without being neon and it looks gorgeous on!

All you have to do is head over to my facebook page, 'like' it and follow the instructions! Or click here
(This giveaway is open internationally, two winners will be chosen at random on the 25th of October)

Good luck everyone!! :)

NOTW: Official Grazia Magazine Polish

 The official Grazia Middle East nail polish, by TITO

I've been wearing this on my nails all week! I got it in a gift bag from Dubai Beauty Week. This is the official Grazia Middle East nail polish, and it's so fitting that it's a bright pink (we Dubai girls really love our bright pinks!)

This shade is a perfect fall bright. It's not neon, but it's got just enough kick to it. And it's super glossy!

I also have a couple of bottles to giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled if you like this shade! :)

The Pink Rose Campaign

Breast cancer awareness has always been a cause that is very dear to me. My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and I've always done what I can to help spread awareness. We lost my grandmother in December and it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through.

So, this year I am trying to do even more, in her honor.

Which is why I've decided to be a part of The Pink Rose Campaign with Worood. Worood (which means flowers) is a local flower shop. They started this campaign to support women who are battling breast cancer and spread awareness.

Worood are sending pink roses to women in the UAE who are battling breast cancer. All you have to do is visit their facebook page and click on the 'Pink Rose' tab on the left. You will be asked to enter a short message that will be attached to your rose. They will even send you a picture of  your rose when it is sent!

If you have a few minutes on your hands, check out the page and send a rose!

First Impressions: Inglot Lipstick #176

 Inglot Lipstick #176

I got this lipstick in a goodie bag when I went to check out Grazia's Dubai Beauty Week at Burjuman. I do have a couple of photos from DBW, and I'll try to  post them soon :)

I was actually really pleased with this freebie! It's such a bright red and it's not as blue-based as most of the reds I own, so I'm really excited to try it out (I know, I need to kick up the FOTDs!)

 Swatch of Inglot Lipstick #176

Can you just see how lovely this texture is? It's not exactly a matte lipstick, but it wears like one. It doesn't melt or feather. And it lasts for ages! I put this swatch on my arm and wiped it off, but it was still there that evening! I'm definitely going to need a heavy-duty remover for this, which would make it excellent for a night out.

Have any of you tried this lipstick? Any thoughts on Inglot's lipsticks? This is my first one :)

Pretty At...Tresemme Social Media Showcase

Two weeks ago, (yeah, I'm super late with this) I was invited to an event at the Westin, hosted by Tresemme and the lovely people at Gleam Digital.

They found that due to the climate difference, here in the Gulf, we obviously have an entirely different class of hair issues to people living in the UK. This event was held to introduce us to the Tresemme range and also discuss some of the specific hair issues that we face over here in the desert. We also discussed the role of social media in the Gulf and how we can all work together.

The whole event was very intimate, there were only about ten of us from over here as well as.....Tanya Burr, AKA Pixi2woo!!! eeeeeeeee! Tanya is super lovely and so tiny! I don't know why, but I always assume that people on youtube (or tv even) are all like seven feet tall haha.

A grainy Blackberry picture of me and Tanya. How gorgeous is that updo??

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Shampoos and Conditioners

Some Gorgeous Tresemme Products

They also enlisted the help of Raymond Moussan. Raymond is basically like a super stylist. He owns his own salon, which he works out of, and I will definitely be using him for my next hair cut. He answered all of our questions with a lot of detail. I hate it when you ask a stylist a question and you get 'use X product'.  I probably asked a lot of questions, but as a former beauty therapist (who also trained as a hairdresser) I was just in my element! :)

Raymond created a gorgeous updo on Tanya and even walked us through the steps, but I doubt I'd be able to recreate it on myself! He basically blowdried her hair, then curled it with a curling iron before pinning it up in sections at the back.

Raymond working his magic on Tanya's hair
Here are a few of the tips Raymond gave us:
-Before blowdrying, apply mousse to your hair. You can apply it mainly to the roots and finger comb the remainder through your hair. This will give your hair tons of volume.
-For extra volume, make sure you blowdry up from the roots. Basically, make sure you pull your hair up as you direct air from the roots and up along the hair shaft.
-When it comes to straightening and curling irons, always look for 'ionic' ones.
-If you have bleached or chemically damaged hair, you need to use more moisture to make your hair look healthier. There's basically nothing you can do except baby your hair to get it as healthy as it can be.

Another great thing about the event is that I was able to meet some of my MEBBs!! :) I got to finally meet Ezzy from A Little Bit of Everything, Al Reem from Glitter and Dreams and Sarah from Blush.Crush. I also got to meet the adorable Sadia from S is for Sadia.They're all super gorgeous! I would show you all of the pictures, but I really need to learn how to pose better! If any of the other bloggers got some good pictures, I'll share them later :)

I had such a blast and it was so awesome to meet everyone and have a chat! :) I do appologize for the rather grainy photos. I had no idea that my camera was on the wrong setting :(

Do you use Tresemme products? Do you have any specific climate-related hair issues? A big one for me is dull, frizzy hair and a case of 'expanding hair', hair that gets bigger as the humidity rises! Definitely not sexy!

My Current Skincare Routine - Day

 Dermaction by Watsons Gentle Skin Cleanser, Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water, Murad Hydrating Toner

Dermaction by Watsons Gentle Skin Cleanser - I bought this in Manila, it's basically like a generic version of Cetaphil. I apply it to my face in gentle, circular motions and rinse it off. I usually only use this when my skin feels particularly greasy in the morning, otherwise I generally use the Sephora cleanser.

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water - Another great cleansing water that is slightly less expensive than Bioderma (although it's not as good at getting off waterproof eye makeup!) My skin is usually pretty OK and clean in the morning, so I usually just swipe this over my face to ensure all the traces of the Exfoliac toner is gone. The Exfoliac contains AHAs which can make your skin sensitive to the sun, so you always wanna make sure it's all off in the morning!

Murad Hydrating Toner - I don't really use this just in the morning. I mainly use it before makeup because it hydrates and gives my skin a pretty 'dewy' look. It also smells a bit citrusy, so it's a great pick-me-up!

Clarins Eye Contour Balm, Clean and Clear Shine Control Daily Facial Moisturizer, Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Faces Sheer Sunscreen, Nivea Sun Collagen Protect Daily Face Fluid, Garnier Light Eye Roll-On

The Clarins eye balm - the same one that I use at night. It soaks in so wonderfully and is great under concealer.

Clean and Clear Shine Control Daily Facial Moisturizer - this is basically another multi-use product for me! I wear it whenever my skin feels a little dry. Funny how I've gone back to using products that are geared towards teenagers! haha

Hawaiian Tropic - This used to be my favorite sunscreen, until I realized it didn't have any UVB protection. However, I still use it because it's super light and doesn't 'sweat'. I generally wear this on my quick five minute drives to the gym.

Nivea Protect Daily Face Fluid - One of my favorite sunscreens right now. However, I've found that I do get a bit of a whiteish cast now that I have a bit of a tan, so it works better when I warm up my face with bronzer. It also sweats a bit so I don't usually wear it to the gym. I mainly wear it if I'm gonna be at the mall or driving around in my car (with the AC on)

So there are all my skin care products! I'll probably change it up in a few months, but of course, I'll let you guys know! Here's a link to my night time skincare products, if you guys wanna read that :)