National Day with Kate Nash

Last Friday (the 2nd of December) was the UAE's 40th national day. Yes, we're a very young country! And wow, did we celebrate. Everything in the entire country was covered in flags and there were lights everywhere! Lots of places were already celebrating, my family actually had our flags up for a while because we were celebrating the "40 days of National Day".

I usually spend National Day at the Rugby 7s, which is pretty huge here. But this year, I mixed it up and went to see Kate Nash perform at the Madinat Jumeirah Amphitheater. And she was great! The weather was gorgeous (even a bit chilly for me) and the outdoor set up was just beautiful.

Did you guys have a good weekend? How did you spend National Day?

(PS- I'm trying to redo the blog, so there may be a bit of a mess. Just a warning! :) )

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