Pretty At...Tresemme Social Media Showcase

Two weeks ago, (yeah, I'm super late with this) I was invited to an event at the Westin, hosted by Tresemme and the lovely people at Gleam Digital.

They found that due to the climate difference, here in the Gulf, we obviously have an entirely different class of hair issues to people living in the UK. This event was held to introduce us to the Tresemme range and also discuss some of the specific hair issues that we face over here in the desert. We also discussed the role of social media in the Gulf and how we can all work together.

The whole event was very intimate, there were only about ten of us from over here as well as.....Tanya Burr, AKA Pixi2woo!!! eeeeeeeee! Tanya is super lovely and so tiny! I don't know why, but I always assume that people on youtube (or tv even) are all like seven feet tall haha.

A grainy Blackberry picture of me and Tanya. How gorgeous is that updo??

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Shampoos and Conditioners

Some Gorgeous Tresemme Products

They also enlisted the help of Raymond Moussan. Raymond is basically like a super stylist. He owns his own salon, which he works out of, and I will definitely be using him for my next hair cut. He answered all of our questions with a lot of detail. I hate it when you ask a stylist a question and you get 'use X product'.  I probably asked a lot of questions, but as a former beauty therapist (who also trained as a hairdresser) I was just in my element! :)

Raymond created a gorgeous updo on Tanya and even walked us through the steps, but I doubt I'd be able to recreate it on myself! He basically blowdried her hair, then curled it with a curling iron before pinning it up in sections at the back.

Raymond working his magic on Tanya's hair
Here are a few of the tips Raymond gave us:
-Before blowdrying, apply mousse to your hair. You can apply it mainly to the roots and finger comb the remainder through your hair. This will give your hair tons of volume.
-For extra volume, make sure you blowdry up from the roots. Basically, make sure you pull your hair up as you direct air from the roots and up along the hair shaft.
-When it comes to straightening and curling irons, always look for 'ionic' ones.
-If you have bleached or chemically damaged hair, you need to use more moisture to make your hair look healthier. There's basically nothing you can do except baby your hair to get it as healthy as it can be.

Another great thing about the event is that I was able to meet some of my MEBBs!! :) I got to finally meet Ezzy from A Little Bit of Everything, Al Reem from Glitter and Dreams and Sarah from Blush.Crush. I also got to meet the adorable Sadia from S is for Sadia.They're all super gorgeous! I would show you all of the pictures, but I really need to learn how to pose better! If any of the other bloggers got some good pictures, I'll share them later :)

I had such a blast and it was so awesome to meet everyone and have a chat! :) I do appologize for the rather grainy photos. I had no idea that my camera was on the wrong setting :(

Do you use Tresemme products? Do you have any specific climate-related hair issues? A big one for me is dull, frizzy hair and a case of 'expanding hair', hair that gets bigger as the humidity rises! Definitely not sexy!


  1. Loved the post!

    It was lovely meeting you! I had a great time <3 
    's' is for sadia

  2. lovely post Aseya! it was amazing meeting you all and the event was super exciting! X

  3. I love tresseme products, they have saved my oily hair!
    Grace xx

  4. Aww! Great post Aseya!

    It was really nice meeting you too! We should definitely meet up again! :) xx

  5. Great post :)
    It was super awesome meeting you and others too :D
    I agree we should have a meet up again soon!

  6. WhateverismarveloustodayOctober 4, 2011 at 9:02 AM

    you are so pretty! Her hair looks good too :)

  7. Thanks! It really was! I wish there were more events like that :(

  8. I know! I still can't get over how great they are for the price! It's insane!

  9. Thanks! Yes, we definetely should!

  10. Thanks! Yeah, I'm gonna have to plan one soon!! :)

  11.  awww! Hahahah thank you!! :)

  12. I know! I am still gonna try it out on myself, but I doubt it would look the same. She has the prettiest hair!

  13. Thanks Aseya for the great comments about me and the demo wich i did.

  14. You're more than welcome! It was an honor watching you work! :)


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