Pretty At...Benefit's Watt's Up Launch

On Tuesday, I was invited to the launch of Benefit's newest product, Watt's Up. I was really excited to check it out as I love Benefit products (like most women do!) They always come up with the cutest names and packaging!

 Benefit Watt's Up Soft Focus Highlighter

This highlighter is double-ended. One end is the highlighter stick and the other end is a super soft sponge blender, so you can buff and blend to your heart's content!
The launch was held at Sephora, Mall of the Emirates. Everything was so girlie and cute!!

The Benefit Stand at Sephora

 The Sephora girls getting in on the fun!

And I even made a new friend!

My new friend

No, really..I did!
 Me and my new bestie

If I look super glowy in that picture, it's because I had my makeup done by Basma of B. Beautiful. She is amazing, and super down to earth. She also gave me tons of tips. But can we just talk about how big my eyes look?? It seemed like they grew three times their size as soon as Basma applied Watt's Up to my brow bones.

Basma in action
And of course, we got some super cute gift bags that contained:

 My very own Watt's Up and a gorgeous sequined makeup bag from Benefit!

The Adorable Competition

There was also a super cute competition. All you had to do was choose something that turns you on, then turn the dial on the candy dispenser. The number on your candy corresponded to a whirly sucker, which had a sticker clue for your prize! I had to take a few tries (shhh!), but I finally got one! Mine said 'enjoy breakfast with Gabbi!'

 Gabbi!! :)

The launch was so much fun! I got tons of tips on how to use Watt's Up and I can't wait to share them with you guys. This product seems great, it wears beautifully and doesn't sweat off, which is always a plus for our climate! I will let you guys have the full review and retail information in my next post. 

Have you tried this out yet? Is it something you'd be interested in?


  1. i love the packaging, i will have to try it, i have yet to find a highlighter i like!

    great blog.
    Annina S.

  2. oh how fun! how do you get all these awesome invites?


  3. hahah I wore this the other day, it's amazing!! So soft and glowy!

  4. It's kind of hard. I love highlighters, but it's difficult to find one that doesn't look like a glitter bomb exploded on you. This one literally makes you look like you have a lightbulb inside your head! :)

  5. I'm lucky because I was introduced to the PR for a few of the brands. They liked my blog, so they invite me to a few of these things. There are still loads more that I don't get invited to though, I'm not very good at "putting myself out there" :( Also, the blogging community in Dubai is much smaller than in the UK or the states, so that helps a little! :)

  6. whats the difference of this and the beams? also this is in UAE gosh im so hoping ill be there soon :D

  7. That looked like so much fun Aseya!

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  8. GlitterishallsortsOctober 25, 2011 at 2:28 PM

    This looks like it was great fun! I really want to try this!

  9. You should! I've worn it a few times already and it's great! I think they're having a prelaunch tomorrow, but just in Dubai :( So it should be available across the UAE next week (I'm assuming)

  10. love your glasses , I have ones similar too . 


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