Pretty At...Topshop And Grazia Middle East A/W Workshop

Last week, I was invited to attend a fashion workshop at Topshop with Grazia Middle East. Being a beauty blogger, I figured I could use all the fashion help I could get!

The set up at Topshop

The workshop was hosted by Grazia Middle East's editor Elaine Greenshields, who talked us through the main trends of A/W 2011. There was also a competition! Cards were handed out and we were asked to write down our number one fashion rule. The two bloggers who were picked won the chance to be styled by Grazia's fashion and beauty editorNaomi Chadderton and 1,000 dirhams worth of Topshop clothes!

Grazia Middle East's Naomi Chadderton and Elaine Greenshields

Grazia Middle East's latest issue

Items that were in the goodie bag. I LOVE these earrings, they're great for dressing up every day outfits and how cute is this notebook? So awesome for bloggers! Great thinking, Grazia!

I had such a great time at the event and left feeling really inspired about my clothes! Seriously, spending half an hour with these fashion bloggers can really make a girl's wardrobe feel inadequate!

What are your favorite A/W trends this year?


  1. Ooh lucky you! I understand what you mean about feeling like your clothes are inadequate - I have recently started reading fashion blogs and my closet seems woefully tiny :(

  2. I know, it's so bad! But good in a way as well because it forces you to try to dress up a little :)


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