NOTW: Orly Naughty

(I'm back! Yaaaayy!)

So, the other day I was painting my nails and ended up knocking my bottle of OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark onto the floor. Long story short, I no longer have a bottle of my favorite dark polish :(

Then as I left the gym yesterday, I popped into a nail place and bought this. I was kinda hoping it would be a good replacement, but I'm not so sure.

 Please excuse the cuticles. It's been a rough few days!

Seriously, can I like photoshop those?

Orly's Naughty might be similar to Lincoln Park After Dark in the sense that they are both super dark polishes and neither is actually a full on black. However, this one has a lot more red. It's almost a burgundy kinda color.

Another thing I noticed is that it doesn't apply as evenly as LPAD does. That one also needs more than one coat to look even, but with this one you have to be meticulous about each layer or it will show up really patchy (as mine did)

This is still a great color and Orly always have such great textures to their polish. But I wouldn't consider this an alternative to LPAD and I would have to say that this definitely isn't one of those polishes that you can just apply really quickly and then run out the door!

Have you tried this polish? What did you think? And what are your favorite fall/winter shades?

ps. I'm so glad to be back! It feels like ages since I've posted regular beauty posts and I really missed it! I went to an event on Tuesday (more on that later) and I realized that you can take the girl out of beauty therapy, but you can't take the beauty therapist out of the girl! hahaha I love it so much! I get so animated and interested (and chatty!) and I just love that I can share it all with you guys. I really, really appreciate the fact that you take time to read my little 'outlet'! OK I'm rambling....mwah!!


  1. This is such a cute color for fall :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. I know! I'm actually really excited to break out all of my fall colors, after a very bright and neon summer! haha :)


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