I'm Home! And I Have (LOTS of) Pictures Of My Trip!

Well, I'm home now :) I got back yesterday morning and I'm still so tired! The flights back were OK and surprisingly smooth. I braced myself for lots of turbulence, so I was pretty relieved! I had a stop in Hong Kong and there was a mix-up with the gates, so I ended up walking down from the end of the airport to the beginning like twice! So annoying! But I did get to do some duty-free shopping and I'll post my hauls soon :)

Anyway, here are some pictures of my vacation!

We went to a city  called Davao. It was gorgeous! We stayed at a beautiful hotel called The Waterfront Insular.

The Waterfront Insular

 A little waterfall at the front of the hotel

There was a man picking fresh coconuts from the hotel grounds!
 Unfortunately, the beach wasn't great. But they had a gorgeous swimming pool!
How cute are these?

We were there during the Kadayawan festival, which is the festival of thanks and for the harvest.

The whole city was decorated and very festive. We watched the parade, it was so colorful!

And OMG look what I found!!!! I was soo excited!!

Then we headed back to Manila!

We had to go to the Immigration office to extend our visas.

 Some of the buildings in "old Manila"

 We went looking for a wholesale bead store in a shopping area called Divisoria. It was an "Experience"


There was a typhoon, which resulted in thunderstorms and rainstorms across the city. It was like this all day and night!

 But it was a gorgeous, unusually bright and clear day when we went to the Sunday Market.
So those are my pictures! Obviously not ALL of them, but I don't wanna bore you guys! I can't wait to show you guys the stuff I got. My suitcases were so overweight when I left! I was lucky, though, and didn't have any issues with it. 

How is everyone's weekend going? :)


  1. Great pictures! Love the cafe board lol. Welcome back! x

  2. The photos are gorgeous!


  3. Hahah I know, i was sooo excited to find it!! haha :) Thanks!! :)

  4. I can't wait to see your beauty loot! ; )

  5. Thanks! I will be putting them up in sections because there is so much hehe :)

  6. Wonderful pics thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Aww thank you for checking them out!! :)

  8. You are from the Philippines?? I have always wanted to visit that country!!! But haven't got the chance yet! :(

  9. Oh, no I'm not from there. But my parents really like it so we visit during the summer :) You should go, you're so close!

  10. Hi I'm from the Philippines. Hope you guys enjoyed your trip there. Feels like home seeing those pix. :-)


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