We Love Wednesdays: Alba Papaya Mango Body Cream

 Alba Papaya Mango Body Cream, 61 Dirhams at Life Pharmacy

 I just love the texture of this cream

I have only tried a few Alba products, but I have been pretty impressed with all of them. This body cream is no exception.

It contains so many gorgeous ingredients like aloe leaf juice, shea butter, kukui seed oil, macadamia oil, cucumber and of course, mango and papaya extracts.

This cream has "tropical fruit enzymes and beta carotene blended in a rich, luxurious body cream to soften, soothe and smooth rough, dry, flaky skin".

And it smells so yummy! You can really pick up the papaya and mango in it. Due to the fruit enzymes, it tingled a teeny bit the first time I applied it. I applied it at night and woke up with soft, moisturized skin. It's such a great product for the summer because, not only does it moisturize really well, it also smooths out any rough patches like knees, back of the thighs, feet and elbows. And it's a great bed time treat for your hands, too.

The texture is slightly heavier than regular lotions, but lighter than body butters (like the Body Shop's) so it is easy to apply and massage into the skin.

This has quickly become one of my summer staples!


  1. Christina WolthersAugust 3, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    Oooo, Alba products are gorgeous!  I totally agree with you.  If you have a chance, Alba makes a fantastic toner (I think it's called the Hibiscus Facial Toner....) I love it


  2. That looks so nice, I wish I had smell vision screen hehe xxx

  3. Oh I'll look out for that one. We only get have the line in some of our pharmacies here, so I'll have to stock up next time I see it hehe

  4. I haven't tried Alba products. This sounds like a good summer and winter product~

  5. OOh yes, I'll probably still be using it in the winter :)

  6. Okay I have to ask, you seem to get all the American products that aren't sold in the UK am I right? What shops do you go to in Dubai? 

  7. It really depends. We've been getting more American products in the past two years or so. We just got Bath and Body Works recently, but you can find random products in the stores. Alba is only available in some places, but we also get Kiss My Face, which is much more widely distributed. Are you looking for anything in particular?

  8. Pacifica - we've got websites that sell a few bits and bobs but not the entire range. I just find it annoying that the UK seems to get the jip when it comes to a lot of beauty brands. We have no Sephora either! :(

  9. Oh we don't get Pacifica yet either :( but there are lots of uk and us stuff that we don't get. We're kinda in the middle hahaha :) prettyinthedesert.com


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