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Summer Hit List - Lips

I've decided that instead of writing about my favorites every month, I'm just gonna wait and put everything together in seasonal favorites. So here's the first part of my favorite summer products, lip stuff! I try to use products that contain SPF, not just during the summer, because I like to know that my lips are protected as well as look pretty :) Most of the time, I use a plain SPF lip balm under lip products that don't have SPF.

 Left to right: Hawaiian Tropic Sunkissed Lipgloss, Sleek Makeup Bonair Pout Polish, Benefit Lip Balm, Mac See Sheer Lipstick, Une Glimmer Lips Gloss G02

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: I have a really bad habit of licking my lips. That means I get dry, chapped lips a lot. This scrub is great for smoothing out my lips and has kind of been a life saver this summer. Plus, it's pink and it tastes like bubble gum. What's not to love?

Hawaain Tropic Sunkissed Lipgloss: This is probably the yummiest lipgloss I have ever had. It tastes like a tropical flavored jelly bean. hehe I like this because it has SPF 25 and a hint of color, plus it's in a tube so I don't have to worry about getting sand it in or anything at the beach.

Sleek Makeup Bonair Pout Polish: Perfectly on trend with a slight orange tint. This really moisturizes my lips and makes them feel soft. Plus, it has an SPF of 15 so I don't have to worry about my lips burning. I like the color because it looks like you've made an effort, but aren't trying too hard. 

Benefit Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15: I'm not kidding you, I went out the other day feeling kinda drab, but as soon as I put this on, I was like 'oh, I actually look kind of pretty today!'. This balm packs a whole lot of rosiness and the hint of color is just enough to really wake up my face. I wasn't sure what the red tint would look like on, but it's just so pretty and feminine. And it smells like roses :)

MAC See Sheer Lipstick: This has been my go-to lipstick for a while now. It's so pretty and it wears so easily. I'm always reaching for this when I don't know what lipstick to wear. And it's perfect for the summer because it isn't a bright in-your-face color and I'm really fond of glossy finishes this season (can you tell? haha)

Une Glimmer Gloss: This is such a great color. It's like one of those shades that you put on and then you just find yourself subconciously pouting. Oh sorry, am I the only one who does that? It's very glossy, but the shimmer is super subtle, so it's great for daytime. And it's very light and not sticky at all so you don't have to worry about your hair sticking to your face! A great option for lunch dates.

What have you guys been loving this summer?

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  1. I just stick to my The Body Shop lip balm. Even though it doesn't have SPF in it, it works great for me. I would like to get my hands on the Benefit one though

  2. Oh, is that the one in the red tub, that was for their Aids charity? I have that one, it's lovely! But it was a little too waxy for me, so I only wore it at night before bed hehe

  3. Am definitely going to have to try the lip scrub! I suffer with dry lips and then I pick them which makes them worse.  "Subconscious pouting" - totally do that all the time!

    Steph x

  4. Oh, I do the same, sometimes. I'm trying to make sure that I always have something on my lips so I don't pick at them (gross!) hahahah and good to know I'm not the only one :)

  5. Lots of pretty colors! Love the sounds of the Hawaiian Tropic gloss! I've definitely been leaning towards sheer colors this summer. And to tell you the truth, I've been going with either balm or clear gloss!

  6. Lovely colours! I love glossy and sheer lip colours too! I'll definitely have to investigate the MAC one, I love the colour :) xx

  7. I have been loving Mac's Shy Girl and Vegas Volt. I really want to try the Lush Lip Scrub. x

  8. The HT gloss is amazing, you should definitely look for it :)

  9. Oh you should, it's gorgeous and so summery!! :)

  10. I tried Vegas Volt and just couldn't get it to work on me. I'm gonna try it again though, I feel like I just needed to get used to it:)

  11. Yea I kinda felt the same when I used it first. You can try applying it with a brush. It's alot more subtle then, or pair it up with a nice pink. It looks gorgeous! x


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