Quick Tip: Packing Loose or Mineral Powders

I was in the middle of packing for tomorrow when I thought I'd just write a quick post about how I pack my loose and mineral powders. Yeah, I've totally got my priorities straight! Haha

For some reason, I never manage to save the little plastic inner lids for these powder pots. So here's my quick and easy alternative, to ensure you don't end up with powder all over the place when you get to your destination.

 ID Bare Minerals Foundation

Separate the inner lid from the pot and pour the excess powder back into the pot. Clean up the pot and lids as much as you can.

Put the pot back together and place a cotton pad securely on top of the inner lid. This should be secure enough as it is, but you can always tape it down, too. Then you just screw the top lid back on and you're done! The cotton covers the holes to keep the powder from spilling all over the place and getting into the lid.

If you have a smaller pot, just cut the pad (make sure it's big enough to cover the holes) and tape it down to secure it in place.

I hope you guys liked this tip :) Do you have any packing tips you'd like to share? 


  1. good idea! thanks!

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  2. good idea .
    i personally don't use loose powders just because they can be sometimes messy!!
    btw i love you blog ^_^


  3. Thanks! :) I'm gonna pop over right now hehe

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