On the Way to Manila

How is everyone? I've been in Manila for a few days now, and wanted to share some pictures I took along the way. The trip was long (about 18 hours) with a stop in Hong Kong. For some reason, my asthma started to act up and I started to get kind of sick along the way :( It wasn't very fun. But we're here now and I'm slowly catching up on my sleep! :)

Leaving Dubai. It was so dusty and smoggy, this is literally the clearest picture I got!

On the way to Hong Kong. I kept showing this to everyone going "Harry Pottaaaah'. Yes, I am a dork!

 A rainy early morning in Hong Kong

My dad was so cute. He booked us seats on the top level of the plane because my sister and I had never ridden a double decker (sorry, don't know the plane terms!) before. I didn't get any pictures of this flight because I was starting to get really sick, and I couldn't turn around :(

In Manila!

 I thought this was cute :)

 My (kinda messy) room for the week. All of that stuff on the couch and bed is shopping!

So that's how we got here! :) We're leaving Manila next week to go to an island somewhere called Antique. I'm trying to read up on it, but according to my dad there are a lot of water activities and stuff to do, which makes this Pisces very happy! I've got some pictures of the city and my haul so far to show you guys, too. I'm gonna try and post that tonight. And I also have some stuff I was supposed to review in Dubai, but ran out of time. So I'm going to try to hopefully review them this week.
How's everyone doing? I'm missing my blogger ladies!!


  1. Hope you're having a great holiday! :D Wow, your seats on the double decker plane look so cool!! I didn't even realise double decker planes existed! xx

  2. hahaha I know! it was so weird walking up stairs on a plane! hehe :)


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