Homeward Bound!

Seriously, who doesn't love this movie? People who are dead inside, that's who!

OK my gorgeous little cupcakes! I'm on my way back home. I'm actually leaving a little earlier because I totally forgot that I have tons of stuff to finish this week! haha, typical :) I can't wait to see my cat! I miss him so much (#crazycatlady) and I really miss my gorgeous, comfy bed! 
While I am whatever-thousand feet in the air, why don't you guys check out my post over at Futures? The ever-so-lovely Bex is running a series on bloggers and why they blog, so please check out my contribution :) And do follow her blog, she's super sweet!

PS I have so many things to show you guys! I was packing last night and realized that I was several kgs overweight (the suitcases, that is) . I had to leave some of my stuff here with my parents, and they'll bring everything back with them next week. They're off to some exotic sounding island, and I'm not in the least bit jealous, really! :'(

I hope everyone is enjoying their Eid holidays!! Eid Mubarak everyone!


  1. Hope you have a safe flight home! Can't wait to see what you bought during your hols :) xx

  2. Hope you get home safely! xo

  3. aussiebeautyreviewsAugust 31, 2011 at 5:00 PM

    Homeward Bound is in my top ten movies of all time! Every time I watch that movie and it gets to Shadow falling down the hole I ball my eyes out haha Such a great movie! Hope you get home safe xo

  4. Oh yes I have watched this move such a long time ago, it was soooo cute! 

  5. Thanks you guys! I did get home safely :)

  6. Me and my dad always cry when we watch this film! 


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