Guest Post: Beth from All Things Beautiful

Hey everyone!

As you read this, I will be en-route to my holiday! Yay! :)

To keep you guys company for a while, I've lined up a bunch of guest posts. The first one is by the adorable Beth from All Things Beautiful. Take it away, Beth!

Hi! I'm Beth, a 14 year old beauty blogger that mostly does makeup tutorials. I really hope you all like this look, if you do, check out my blog for many more!
This look is easy to do and is very glam! If you want the look to be more wearable, just skip the winged liner!

Prime your eyes with your favourite primer, apply a gold eyeshadow over your lid, and lower lash line. I applied the colour to the lid with my finger and on the lower lash line I used a pencil brush. 

With a purple eyeshadow and a fluffy blending brush blend the colour into the crease. Take a shimmery highlight colour and apply it to the brow bone.

Line your upper lash line with liquid liner and extend the line outwards, following the shape of your eye. This takes practice, so be patient!

I really hope you found this tutorial useful and liked the look! Please leave a comment saying if you like it in the comments.


  1. I love the liner! Oh I must try this :)

  2. Christina WolthersAugust 10, 2011 at 7:46 AM

    Gorgeous look lady...thanks for the tutorial!!



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