A Few of My Guilty Pleasures (Tag)

You know, I may give off the vibe of being an ultra-cool It Girl. But, the truth is, I'm far from it (hard to believe, I know!!) hahahahaha Ah, the jokes. They just keep coming! :)

Anyway, I'm in my hotel room, having a grand breakfast of coffee and honey graham crackers and I decided to blog a little.

So here's an easy post, it's a list of some of my guilty pleasures in life. Some of them are horribly shameful and I hope you don't judge me. In fact, I'm not sure why I am posting this, but I'm going to blame it on the fact that I am terribly sleep-deprived and have been doing nothing but pumping sugar, chemicals and e-numbers into my system for the the past three weeks.

Well, here goes nothing.

1. The Script

The Script - Breakeven
I don't know why. I just really like them! I remember seeing them on The Hills (see #5) and then liking them even more! haha I think it's the girlie side of me. Cute Irish boys who sing sweet songs, wear leather jackets and play instruments. What's not to like?

2. The Bad Girls Club

The Bad Girls Club Season 7 Trailer

I'm pretty picky when it comes to reality shows, no Bachelorette or Keeping Up With The Kardashians for me!! So I am not quite sure how I actually got so into this! I started watching this when The Hills ended and I needed a scripted drama fix. The Bad Girls Club sure did fix that!

3. Courtney Love

Hole - Samantha

Courtney Love is someone that I've almost worshiped since I was little(er). I have such a soft spot for her. I always feel like I have to defend her, no matter what crazy thing she's doing (including to her face).  But it's getting soo hard to do. I even have her solo stuff and the new Hole album (with Samantha on it). Obviously, no where near as good as her pre-crazy stuff, but that's how big of a fan I am!

4. Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies mmmm. Cookies.

My favorite cookies ever. I can literally finish a whole package in a couple of hours. These are kind of expensive in Dubai (a little over $10US per package) and they are rarely in stock. So, I always ask people to bring them in for me. They sell them here in Manila, so I've bought a few packages to take home :)

5. The Hills

Love the Hills. The girls on it were just so pretty and well accessorized! It's funny to watch the first seasons and see how far they've come, style wise. I even watched the final season with Kirsten (yeah, I'm sad).

Well, those are a few of my guilty pleasures! I'm not sure if this is already a tag, but I'd love to see what your guilty pleasures are! Maybe I won't feel so bad about mine hehe. So I am tagging all of you to post about 5 of your guilty pleasures! :)


  1. I absolutely love the hills + the script too :P :) and I'm a massive Hole fan but I'm not so much a Courtney fan (dont attack me) just her voice/music! Guilty pleasures are something we all need in our lives ha-ha ;)


  2. Ok, some of my guilty pleasures or former guilty pleasures are exactly the same. I used to watch Bad Girls Club...haven't found the time anymore. I watched the Hills up until LC left (love her fashion/hair sense). Also, I bought a mini size of the Chewy Chips Ahoy today before I even read this post. Indulging my inner sweet tooth. *shame* LOL Oh, and I like that Breakeven song!

  3. I love The Hills too! :)


  4. hahahaha yeah Hole are awesome! And I agree, we all need our guilty pleasures!

  5. Oh, The Hills got super annoying after she left! Sometimes I was like 'why am I still watching this?' haha

  6. It's so fun to watch, isn't it? So girlie! haha


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