An Easy Solution To My Cleanser Woes

(First of all, please excuse the pictures. I have NO idea how to take pictures of white/transparent objects!)

I've recently gotten really into using cleansing waters like Bioderma Sensibio. The only problem is that most of them aren't cheap. So you really gotta watch how much you use. Which isn't easy when you're pouring it out of a bottle. I usually end up pouring out too much and wasting tons of product. So I started using a spray bottle instead. That works great for things like toner, that you're just going to lightly wipe over your face.

But I need a tiny bit more for wiping off a day's worth of grime. So, the other day I was checking out my local Daiso and saw this....and then it clicked! haha

 Pump dispenser (150 mls), 7 dirhams from Daiso

I used to use these for my nail polish remover when I was training at beauty school. They are super convenient to use and ensure that you get the same amount of product every time.

 The pump

All you have to do is place your cotton pad on top of the pump and press down once. The pump delivers just enough cleanser to cover your face and you don't have to worry about pouring too much out.

 My new toy in action

 Just the right amount of cleanser for my face

 This also has a snap down lid so you can carry it around with you

I think these are great! I don't know why I never thought of using them like this before! Do any of you use these pumps?


  1. oh that's awesome!! I love Diaso! Didn't think pumps like these were sold! Will definitely go grab me one.. They're so convenient!

  2. They are! They have a whole shelf of them at the Daiso at Arabian Center :) I am going to stock up, because the only thing I dislike about Daiso is that they don't always stock everything regularly :(

  3. This is such a great idea!! I wont have excessive amounts poured onto my cotton wipes~ You have reminded me that I should get one of these =)

  4. such  a good idea! i need me one of these!

  5. What a genius idea ha-ha totally inspired by this I ALWAYS use too much product - I must be heavy handed or something ;p


  6. Me too! I just pour it all out onto one tiny cotton pad! hahaha :)

  7. Hi Aseya!  This is a great way to use those pumps!  Love it!

    Kisses, Melanie

  8. Oh let me know if you try it! I've been really pleased with mine so far :)


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