Hair Rehab

I've always had very thick, strong hair. However, I've recently noticed that I've been losing more and more hairs every time I shower. Normally I'd notice just a few hairs in the shower drain after I wash my hair, but in the past two months, that amount has multiplied. I've noticed that my hairline has really started to thin out.

In a panic, I called my dermatologist. He recommended that I start taking iron supplements. He said to try it for a month, and if there is no difference, we will have to look into topical treatments.

Being the slight drama queen that I am, I requested the topical treatments right away! hehe

Phytocane Revitalizing Shampoo, phyto 9 leave in hair treatment, Gentle Iron 25 mg tablets, Phytocyane thinning hair treatment ampoules (All available at Supercare Pharmacies in the UAE)

I've been instructed to take two iron tablets a day, and I've replaced my regular shampoo with the Phyto one. I massage one bottle of serum onto my scalp, once every 4 or 5 days. The Phyto 9 hair cream is just because my hair has been so dry lately and wanted to try out a new product :)

So, how is it going so far?

I have actually noticed a decrease in the numbers of hairs that I am losing. It hasn't completely stopped or gone back to where it was before, but there is a noticeable difference, even though it's only been a couple of weeks.

My favorite products are the shampoo and the nourishing cream. The shampoo cleans my scalp without drying out my hair too much and I've noticed that my scalp isn't as temperamental as it normally is. The Phyto 9 nourishing cream really makes my hair feel much softer, especially the ends, without making it feel greasy or heavy.

The scalp treatment is OK. It's too early to give a proper review on that. It's very watery and it kind of tingles a little when you first apply it. I guess that also helps because you automatically think 'ah, my scalp is tingling so it must be working!'

As for the iron, I haven't really noticed a change in my energy levels or anything like that. I started to get dark circles around the same time my hair started to shed, which is why I agreed that it might be my iron levels. I have noticed a slight lessening of the dark circles, but nothing super noticable.

Anyway, I'm going to keep using these products for the rest of the month and see how it goes. I'm feeling quite optimistic right now :)

Have any of you used these products? Do you recommend anything else for dealing with hair loss? I am dyeing my hair today. I've avoided it for almost two months because I thought that might have been what was causing my shedding. I don't think that was it, though, and I'm so tired of staring at these roots!! Grrrrr!


  1. I've actually just started to notice the same thing happening to me :/ Great post, I'm gonna start taking iron supplements first and maybe try some treatments!


  2. Christina WolthersJune 24, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    Oh lady....what a scary thing!!!  However, continue taking the Iron and you'll eventually see a major change.  Keep us posted for sure


  3. prettyinthedesertJune 24, 2011 at 6:40 PM

    Isn't it the worst? Especially when you aren't sure what exactly is causing it :( The iron seems to be helping, let me know how you get on with it! Good luck!! :)

  4. My hair comes out aswell but it's usually the ends that keep snapping off, which is rubbish because this means it never grows!!


  5. I have been taking vitamins for my hair and noticed a huge difference, my hair is super shiny and don't have split ends anymore. With Vitamins you normally only notice a difference after 3 months...

  6. prettyinthedesertJune 25, 2011 at 10:53 PM

    Oh that's not good, either! Have you tried using protein based treatments? They're great for strengthening the hair. I use them when my hair gets really damaged.

  7. prettyinthedesertJune 25, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    I do take vitamins, but mainly for growth (and my nails). I know that it will probably take a while for my hair to thicken up, I'm only hoping for noticeable results before Christmas, TBH. But as long as the shedding stops, I'll be happy! I'm probably going to continue taking the iron anyway though :)

  8. So how has the Phytocayne thinning hair treatment worked over the last several months? 

  9. Honestly? It didn't make much of a difference. I stopped using it after about a month though..maybe I should have kept going for longer.

  10. oh my god it started with me too last few weeks :( i was taking biotin and it was going great but i stopped for few days due to traveling , now i think i will start with iron supplement along with my biotin .. i will also get thinning treatment ampules too :) great post .. i

  11. What causes hair loss or baldness, hence the need for Hair regrowth Conditioner treatment solutions particularly for men? Baldness or hair loss involves the state of lacking hair where it often grows, especially on the head. The most common form of baldness is a progressive hair thinning condition called androgenic alopecia


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