A Very Musical Weekend

I had a really fun weekend last week. On Thursday, we drove out to Al Ain to check out the WOMAD festival and then on Saturday we went to the Chillout Festival at Nasimi at the Atlantis Resort.

WOMAD is the "World of Music, Arts and Dance the internationally established Festival, which brings together artists from all over the globe. The central aim of the WOMAD festival is to celebrate the world's many forms of music, arts and dance."

It is held every year in the capital Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, a city about an hour away from Dubai. We decided to go to the one in Al Ain and see Toumani Diabete from Mali. The Al Ain shows were held at Al Jahili fort, which is one of the biggest forts in the UAE. It dates back to 1891 and underwent major renovations in 2007-2008, by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage.

Toumani Diabete is often described as 'the Kora King'. During his performance, he told us that his Kora is nearly 700 years old and that he comes from 71 generations of kora players. I think all of our jaws were pretty much on the ground at that point! It was such a great performance. So much wonderful energy!

Toumani Diabete and his Kora

I was almost obsessed by the way my new Illamasqaua Gamma nail polish was glowing under the lights!

Outside Al Jahili Fort

I loved the light displays! 

Then on Saturday, I went to the Chillout Festival to see Erykah Badu!!

The Chillout festival is held every year in Dubai.This year, it was held at Nasimi beach at the Atlantis resort. It's one of my favorite venues over here because it's on the beach and really chilled. It was so busy though! 

The Cinematic Orchestra

You can just see the Atlantis hotel in the background.

Erykah Badu!!! 

The show was sooo great! She is such a great performer. Which is why I don't really have that many good pictures (ok, I don't have any good pictures!) It took her ages to come on stage though. They had a DJ playing before her and his set just seemed to go on forever!

Not a bad way to end the week at all! The next gig I'm looking forward to is Mundy! He's playing here on the 29th. I'm really excited!! :)


  1. EEEE looks like so much fun!! :)
    Your nailpolish and ring are AMAZING.

  2. Thanks Nora, the ring is actually from Forever 21! I think they still have some, cuz I bought it a couple of weeks ago:) I'm waiting for you to come out so we can hit a gig together!! :)


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