FunnyFace Beauty's Dare To Wear Challenge - For Japan

Hello everyone!! Sorry for the silence, it's been super busy. But what better way to come back than a few photos of me looking like a fool, all in the name of charity of course!

A few weeks ago, Alicia from Funny Face Beauty announced that she was running a new Dare to Wear challenge. This time she chose to donate money from the challenge to Japan, via the Canadian Red Cross. For every entry into the challenge, Alicia's family will generously donate 10 Canadian dollars. Now, that's pretty awesome!

Now, my entry is pretty crap (haha!) In typical Dubai style, I left it to the very last possible minute. Considering the fact that I'm actually half Japanese, that's pretty shameful but I'm hoping it still counts. Today is the last day and I'm pretty sure that, time-wise, we're ahead of Canada,  so hopefully I'll be OK! :)  ANYWAY.....on to the makeup!

I decided to have a play with pink eyeshadow to complement my new red hair!!:)

This is the look I was inspired by

Yeah, I don't know what that black dot is. I think it was just from my camera cuz it isn't in all the pictures. 

This is supposed to be a pout, just pretend that's what it looks like I'm doing! haha

I have to apologize for my eyes. We were at the beach this weekend and they got a little irritated, and then as soon as I put on the lashes they started to get even more red :(

MAC Mineralize Satin Finish, NC42
Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit, Honey
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush (No clue what the shade is!)
Mac Blush, DollyMix

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Eyeshadow Base, white
Bright pink shadow from my no-name shadow palette
Daiso false lashes (upper and lower)

Nars lipgloss, Orgasm

Well, that's my look! What do you think? I know it's not great, I was in such a rush and I just wanted to get it done. 

And what do you guys think of my new hair?? I dyed it on Friday. It was time to do my roots and I was getting a little sick of the light brown, so I decided to go red. I've been wanting to go red for a while. I honestly didn't think it would come out this RED, but I'm really starting to love it! I'll make a proper post and everything about it soon :)

Hope you guys are doing well and hello to my new followers!! :)


  1. I love the red hair, it really suits you! Lovely makeup too, pink eyeshadow is so pretty :)

  2. Thanks Leah! I feel so Rock and Roll with this hair hehe :)

  3. Gorgeous. I think you did great and you're stuning.

  4. Aww thanks Ansa!! :)

    Thank you Dollymix!!! :)

    Thanks Makeup Majesty!! :)

  5. SO CUTE.
    Your eyes look like proper doll eyes- I love.
    Also, your hair color yay! You're rocking it! :)


  6. Thanks Nora! I'm glad you like the hair! It's such a big change, I'm still kind of getting used to it hehe.

    Thanks Simone! :)


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