Review: Maybelline Turbo Volum' Express Mascara

Maybelline The Turbo Volum' Express, waterproof

I bought this when i realized that I didn't have any waterproof mascara. That is a definite must have as the weather gets warmer (and stickier). The sales assistant told me that this is Maybelline's new mascara, so I decided to try it. Although, I'm not 100% whether it's new or not. 

The mascara wand. 

Maybelline Says:

• Turbo-boost formula and Anti-Clump Brush quickly thicken lashes for up to 7X more volume 
• Contact lens safe, ophthalmologist-tested
• Waterproof

I say:
The mascara applies nicely, and doesn't clump. It holds a curl and it definitely is water proof. I wore it to an aqua aerobics class and it didn't smudge at all. 

The only downside? It really doesn't give "up to 7x more volume". More like up to 0.50% more volume. Here's a before and after:

left: Before,   Right: After (after curling and applying about 5-6 coats)

 I think this mascara gives a nice natural look to the lashes. But it doesn't give the kind of volume that I was expecting. It's kind of "meh" compared to Maybelline's Falsies, which give such wonderful volume. I think it would be great if you want a waterproof mascara that gives you a more natural look, like if you're going to the pool or the beach. It's not great if you want a dramatic look for a night out.

Have any of you tried this mascara? Did you have better results than I did?


  1. Aww, I was expecting better results as I've been disappointed by the original Volum' Express )= Is this new? I haven't seen it around. But you are right The Falsies is amazing!

  2. yeah, this one is very disappointing compared to Falsies. I have no idea if it's new or not. The sales assistant told me it was new, but you never know. Plus sometimes, we get random products sometimes :)

  3. Thanks for the review, definitely will be skipping this one!

  4. I haven't tried it, but I like your 0.50% description! It'd have looked good if it had been marketed as natural looking.

    Still haven't tried Falsies out - next on my list!

  5. I agree that the mascara would be nice for beaches or just lazy days :)

    I am liking the sounds of Maybelline 'Falsies' :)

  6. Hi! Haha - I think an aqua aerobics class is the best test of a waterproof Mascara that I have ever heard!

    Kisses, Melanie

  7. 25FLondon, I actually meant 0.05 times. Eeeks. My bad hahahaha It isn't a terrible mascara, but I just found it doesn't live up to the claims.

    Popblush, you should totally try out Falsies! I might have to put up a few shots of that one, just to show the comparison.

    Melanie hehehe, I thought 'well, I'm going to class I might as well try it out!'. At least we know it won't budge! :)

  8. it doesn't look like it gives much volume... I have tried so many mascaras lately that I don't even know which one I like best! ha!

  9. Yeah, it doesn't really. In my WW fotd it looks ok, but that was literally applying more than ten coats. It's OK for the gym and stuff because it gives a little definition and is waterproof.

  10. I accutally bought this around August 20th, maybe you got the bad bottle or something. When I first tried it, it accutally gave more volume to my lashes. Also like you said it doesnt clump or smudge. However Ive tried the Maybelline Falsies and for some reason it clumps and doesnt do much to my lashies. :( Maybe we got bad bottles.


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