Liebster Blog Award

The oh-so-sweet and lovely Miss LV just gave me a Liebster Blog Award!

So cute!!  

If there is a blog with 300 followers or less, this award is designed to bring those bloggers the recognition they deserve.

The idea with this award is that if it is awarded to you, you should link back to the person who gave it to you and then choose 3 blogs that they follow to award the Liebster Blog Award to.

So here is a link to Miss LV's blog. Definitely check it out if you aren't already a follower! She's such a genuinely nice person and does great reviews. Plus, she has the most adorable little cat named Bambi! hahah Crazy Cat Ladies unite!!! :)

The three blogs I've chosen to pass the award to are:

This blog is actually run by a friend of mine. She's recently been bitten by the beauty bug and I really wish she'd blog more often because she's such a great writer. So everyone go follow her so we can all intimidate her into blogging more. Hahaha, Love you Aisha!

This blog is one that I really like. Nora, who runs it, is just a delight. She's super sweet and I love how her blog combines art and music with beauty and fashion. It definitely proves that there's more to us beauty girls than just "looking pretty"!!

A super cute blog run by Melanie, a beauty therapist in Australia. Melanie's blog is unique because she combines ultra-girliness with the actual theoretical side of beauty. She has the best tips and is always coming up with creative crafts that make me feel slightly inadequate! hahahah kidding...sort of :)

Ugh. That was so hard!! There are so many blogs that I just love, but I could only choose three. So I've decided that I'm going to jump on board with the whole 'blog love' thing and make a weekly post about some of my favorite blogs. 

Thanks again Miss LV!! :)


  1. Aww thanks for the nice comments, you really deserve this award hun, keep up the good work. xxx

  2. Hi Aseya! Thank you for the award! That description you wrote of my Blog is AWESOME and very flattering!

    Kisses, Melanie

  3. You're such a doll! Thank you so much :)

    I've been following Beauty Meets Kawaii for a little while now, but I'll check out Black Canvas and Miss LV now :)


  4. Thanks Dollymix Diaries :)

    Aww Thanks Miss LV, everything I said was true! :)

    You're super welcome Melanie :)

    You're welcome, too Nora! Thanks for checking out the other blogs! :)

    Aww Thanks popblush! You're so sweet!! :)

  5. Congratulations on your award, new follower and loving your blog :)

  6. Thank you Charlene! And thank you for the follow! :)

  7. hey there! you asked me to make you a 'hello my name is...' badge thing, so if you could email me at and tell me what to write, that'd be great, I'll then email back with it attached! :) xxx

    love hannah, @

  8. Aww thanks Hannah! I need to have a little think about it and will email you ASAP :)

  9. Congratulations on your award, new follower and loving your blog :)

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