Cargo Lumieres Giveaway Prize!

Last month, I entered Shahada from Adventure In Makeup's Cargo Lumieres Giveaway. The prize included the beautiful Cargo Lumieres du Monde Palette, that was released over the holiday season last year, and a gorgeous Bourjois Effet Smoky pencil in Deep Green.  I was super excited because it was the first giveaway I have ever won, and it was such a great prize!

The package arrived the day after my birthday, so it was like an extra birthday present! It got here so much quicker than I was expecting, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it on the table. Shahada must have sent it immediately, which was so sweet of her.

Here are some pictures and swatches :)

Swatches of the eyeshadows. They are so lovely, these are just light swatches. The texture is beautiful as well and they are super easy to blend.

Swatches of the blush, bronzer and swirled together. I wore them together at my birthday part and they just gave my skin such a gorgeous glow.

The eyeliner, such a pretty shimmery, deep emerald color. It is super pigmented and so easy to smoke out, it even comes with a little brush on the end to help blend. I'm not a fan of color on my eyes, but this actually inspired me to wear a green smokey eye the other night!

Thanks again, Shahada! I'm totally in love with everything :)

You guys really need to check out Shahada's blog. She's a professional makeup artist and it's always so inspiring to see her looks. She is also incredibly generous and pretty much always running an awesome giveaway!


  1. You are sooo lucky! This looks really nice xxx

  2. Thanks Miss LV, I was honestly totally surprised. I wasn't expecting to win at all!! I think she's running a Viva Glam one now! :)

  3. Isn't it? I used it the other night, but unfortunately didn't take any pictures to show you guys :(

  4. Congratulations on your win! The Cargo palette looks nice! Thanks for the swatches :D

    Ooh, I love Inglot eyeshadows! They have such a large range. What were you thinking of trying at Inglot? :)

  5. hhahaha it's OK about the double post. I do it ALL the time!!! :)
    I was actually looking at the blushes and I wanted a highlighter, so I might check out the eyeshadow you got :)

  6. Thanks! I really need to put together a look for you guys!

  7. Aww congrats! The palette looks lovely!

  8. Thank you! I'm so pleased with it :)

  9. Regarding my EOTD: Thanks sweetie xo
    I am no expert on winging eyeliner but I always loved the way others perfectly winged their eyeliners! hehe. I still need to practice too :D

  10. I know! Some people just seem to be gifted like that! I guess it's practice makes perfect :)


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