Birthday Cakes and a Slightly Depressing Birthday Story

I have had such a great birthday week. I had four birthday dinners, and four birthday cakes! haha it was really fun, but it means that I'll have to work out super hard this week to make up for it!

While I enjoyed all of them, one of them was a little upsetting. My friends planned a surprise night out for me last weekend. It was so sweet of them! We went to a lovely restaurant called The Med at The Media One Hotel over here. The place was gorgeous, and the food was amazing!! but then....

I went up to the dessert area and everything looked gorgeous! So I asked one of the waiters what he recommended...and he said "for you, the fruit salad". I was like 'WHAT?' Actually, I was just in shock for a bit.

My friend was with me and we were both quiet and then my friend asked "what do you mean..fruit salad?" and he goes "well...because she's fat. She should have the fruit salad or the sorbet because it's mainly water". And then he went on to explain how they add so much butter and sugar into the cakes that I shouldn't have any because of my weight!

Now, when he said this he didn't sound like he was being purposely mean or saying it to shame me or make me feel bad. I think he may have been from India or Sri Lanka, and living somewhere like Dubai, you (quickly) learn that some cultures don't have the same way of thinking as yours. Something might be inappropriate in one culture, but completely normal in another or vice versa. However it was still hurtful to me, and it wasn't something I wanted to hear at my birthday party!!

I didn't want to make a big fuss out of it because I was afraid that if we complained, he would get into a lot of trouble or maybe even lose his job. But then I thought about it and I thought maybe we should mention something so that he is aware, in case the next person he says that to throws a fit or something.

Anyway, my friend went to speak to the executive sous chef and he was very sweet and apologetic. He came over and they gave us all ice cream and a cheese cake. I explained that I didn't want to make a big fuss, but it was obvious that the waiter was just unaware of how delicate these situations can be. I just wanted to make sure that the waiter knew it could be upsetting so he could just be a little more careful next time.

I didn't let it ruin my night though! I think I would have been more upset if this had happened a few months ago. But since I am working out now and taking care of myself, I didn't let it really get to me. I've already worked my way down from a UK 16 to a UK 14 so I know that I am doing good things for myself.

Anyway! On a happier note here are some pictures of the birthday cake I had this week!! :)

A very dark picture of my birthday cupcake! :)

Our extra "birthday apology" cheese cake (which was actually really good, but we were all so stuffed by then that we didn't really eat much of it!)

The final birthday cake! An icecream cake that my lovely friends Zaina and Niz surprised me with at dinner on Sunday!! Zaina had them write happy 17th birthday, because I made a joke about 30 being the new 20, and how that means I'm actually 17!! 

There was another birthday cake when I had dinner with my family, but it had all of my siblings names on it so I'm not going to put up that picture :)

So that was my little birthday drama! I also got lots of wonderful presents and I bought myself some makeup, so I'll post a haul soon :) Hope everyone's having a wonderful day!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great birthday :)
    Cakes look fabulous!

    The story about the waiter.. at first I was like wtf?! but once I started reading more I totally understood the situation. You're a very kind person, that's very understanding and nice of you. I don't really "know you" but I'm so proud of the way you handled the situation.


  2. eeek thats horrible, you handled it way more gracefully than i would have... I would either have burst out crying or thrown a hissy fit lol - classy! x

  3. OMG! I can't believe someone would say something like that! I'm happy that you didn't let it get to you - stay positive honey! There are heaps of people in the Blog World (me, for one) that think you're gorgeous!

    Kisses, Melanie

  4. Hope you had a lovely birthday - all those cakes sound yummy. How rude of the waiter, you dont look overweight at all in your pics, and I wouldnt call a UK size 14 overweight either. I hope it didnt upset you too much, but if your anything like me I let the tiniest thing get to me, wish I was a bit stronger. Anyway glad you had a nice time x x x

  5. Happy Birthday!
    I'm sorry that someone had to make your night sucky. I come from one of those really indelicate cultures and no matter how many times it happens I still can't get used to someone saying something insulting and hurtful even if it's a cultural thing.
    You're gorgeous so don't let the stupid things people like that say get you down.
    ALso go you for doing so well on the weight loss front :) You've totally become my inspiration!
    I hope you have an awesome year full of lots of joy and fun times! xx

  6. Thank you Nora! That's so sweet of you to say! I had a wonderful birthday (apart from that hehe)

    Onna, hahaha even I was surprised by how I reacted! I would normally have stormed into the bathroom and started sobbing! Guess I'm growing up :)

    Melanie, thank you so much! I'm definitely trying to stay positive :)

    Miss LV, aww thanks! It didn't upset me TOO much. I was a little hurt, but luckily my friends are really fun so that cheered me up too!

    Bug, Thank you!! hahah well, let's see how long my fitness kick goes on for before you call me an inspiration! Hopefully when I lose enough weight, I'll post some before and after pictures :)

  7. Oh no, that's such a horrible thing to happen on your birthday (or any time) I would have gone home and cried if it was me! I'm glad you had a good week apart from that though, the cakes look so yummy!


  8. I'm sorry you encountered such a rude person, especially on your birthday celebration! I'm glad you were still able to have a great time, though. Since 30 is the new 20, I guess I'm 12. Awesome!

  9. Happy birthday! I'm so sorry someone had to be so insensitive, but good for you for not letting it get you down! I think I would either have been in tears or smacked him in the face! Hope you had a great day otherwise, and those cakes look absolutely amazing :D xx

  10. Thanks Leah! I kept going 'I can't believe he said that ON MY BIRTHDAY!' hahaha

    Lola, my friend's older sister kept telling me how 17 isn't so great because you can't drink here till you're 21 anyway! I was like 'stop trying to ruin this for me!' hehe

    Thanks Hannah! I actually did have a great time. And today my pilates instructor told me that I look like I've lost weight so that perked me up! :)

  11. OMG, I would have totally slapped him in the face!

    Happy birthday x

  12. Happy Birthday!
    And good you didnt let a insensitive person spoil your day I know I would have reacted in a terrible way.
    I am all about cake all the time and that ice cream cake looks yummm!

  13. hehehe Gloria, I'm all about the cake too!! I've had enough for the whole year though! hehe

  14. Hope you had a fab birthday :) ! xxxxx
    im now following maybe you could check out my blog?

  15. Thanks Hannah! I'll check your blog out right away :)

  16. Babe I just read this :( you handled it with such grace! Very proud of you. Like you said some cultures are unaware of the need to filter. Arabs are like that too. My brother is constantly getting teased about his weight by family members.
    So proud of your weight loss. Don't get too skinny, curves are sexy! Keep at it sweetie. Much love.xx

  17. Firstly, you handled the guy very well...'They' can be quite clueless when it comes to saying things. Well done, and hell no are you fat. Size 14 isn't overweight, and you'll be a size 8 in no time the way you're going!
    Secondly, I am SOOOOO jealous of you spending your birthday in Dubai...Lol! Looks like you had an amazing time xxx

  18. Awww!! Thanks Aisha! I'm hoping to be able to wear shorts in public when I come see you hehe

    Shameera, hahaha to be honest, I wanted to spend my birthday anywhere else but here! But I ended up having a really great time :)

  19. Happy belated birthday Aseya! I'm so sorry I missed it I've been so busy with school. :) with the story I totally know how you feel. I've recent gain some weight from marriage and my whole family ask me about it and tells me I gained weight as well. You handled the situation very well and as I would say just "turn the other cheek". Love love the bday cakes! Its so cool how they write ur name on the plate. It looks so professional. Here in the us they never do that. Esp. at restaurants. They never take the time to.

  20. Thank you Pam! :) You know, it wasn't like he said it in a mean way or to make me feel bad, he was just being honest about what he saw. And it was true, I have gotten bigger than I should be, and I probably should've gone for the fruit salad, but it was my birthday! hehe It was just really sucky timing :( Luckily a guy told me I was 'really pretty' shortly after so that kind of perked up my self esteem hahaha random compliments ftw!

    Do they not write names and stuff like that in the states? That's not good :( Honestly, when these ones came out, I was like 'they didn't write Happy Birthday!' :( hahaha I'm so spoiled over here!

  21. Happy belated birthday Aseya! I'm so sorry I missed it I've been so busy with school. :) with the story I totally know how you feel. I've recent gain some weight from marriage and my whole family ask me about it and tells me I gained weight as well. You handled the situation very well and as I would say just "turn the other cheek". Love love the bday cakes! Its so cool how they write ur name on the plate. It looks so professional. Here in the us they never do that. Esp. at restaurants. They never take the time to.

  22. I read this when you posted this last year and tried to comment at the time but for some reason, it wasn't working.  I wanted to let you know how much I empathised with you (I've been told to my face by complete strangers in the Philippines that I was fat), and that I'm glad his thoughtless comment didn't ruin your bday.  I hope you're doing well with the healthy eating and that you had a better birthday this year! :-)

  23.  Aww thank you for your comment Joy. It really does put a damper on things with things like that happen. Thanks for your kind words! xx Aseya


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