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Last week, I bought my very first Pro-Palettes! yay!! hehe I was so inspired by everyone's depotting posts, that I decided to take the plunge. I opted for two of the quads because I thought they would be easier to carry around if I needed to.

My "smokey eye palette": Satin Taupe, Nylon, Black tied, Carbon. "Green & blue": Steamy, Green Smoke, Sumptuous Olive, Electric Eel.

I used this video for extra help:

I didn't use any magnetic strips because I honestly don't know where to find them here. I was a little worried that the magnets inside the palette weren't going to hold the pans strongly enough, so I didn't remove the excess glue from the back of the pan. Instead, I just put the pan in the palette when it was still warm and the glue was still a little tacky. I'm not 100% sure that's not going to come back and bite me in the butt! But we shall see! :)

The lipsticks I picked up - Jist and See Sheer

I originally wanted to get Vegas Volt, because I wanted a nice coral/orange shade for the summer. I tried it on and it didn't look that great on me, so I went for See Sheer. See Sheer is described as "grapefruit pink". It's a lustre finish and it's gorgeous and glossy. I think I'll wear it a lot this summer.

The second one I got is Jist. It wasn't my first choice. I didn't even notice it because I tend to stay away from colors like that. But the SA suggested I try it out and I really liked it! Jist is a frost finish and it's described as "tanned apricot". I think I prefer the lustre finishes because they are glossier. I definitely have to wear lip balm under Jist and make sure that my lips are properly exfoliated because it will bring out any flakiness or uneveness. I think Jist would be pretty with kohl rimmed eyes and bronzey cheeks. It would also work really well with a vacation tan.

Jist and See Sheer

Have you guys bought any new lipsticks? Do you have any suggestions for my next purchases?

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  1. Hi! Your Pro-palettes look great! You'll have to post some photos of you wearing Jist and See Sheer. :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. Thanks! I'm so excited, I can't wait to buy some more eyeshadows hehe I did take some pictures of me wearing the lipsticks, but wasn't too happy with the way they turned out. I might try to work them into a FOTD this week :)

  3. I think the pro palettes are way cuter than the regular large ones.

    I agree with the comment above mine from Melanie, you should post pictures wearing Jist and Sea Sheer.


  4. I love depotting, I depotted my Urban Decay Book of Shadow 2 and 3 and they are so much nicer without the bulky packaging, my boyfriend tends to do alot of my depotting lol he is soo much better at doing it than me, I tend to ruin them x x x

    You can see my Z Palette with Book of Shadows here:

  5. Nora, I think they are too! I just liked the fact that it looks like you have so much make up when they are all in separate containers! hehe

    Miss LV, I keep reading about the Z palette! I'm going to read your review right now! I just wish these things were available in a store. I hate ordering things online :( It's so difficult to get things over here!

  6. See Sheer looks lovely! Great picks x


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