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What's In My Bag of Tricks

I love seeing purse posts on people's blogs and, since I recently cleaned out my purse, I thought I'd make one of my own!

I bought this bag at a market in Manila for less than ten pounds!

My wallet (so old, I have no idea where I bought it!), my tiny makeup bag (New Look), a foldable shopping bag (Christmas gift from my sister)

Excedrin pain killers, Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Anti-bacterial hand cream (I usually carry hand sanitizing gel as well, but don't know where that went!), Nivea Pure Invisible spray deodorant (I live in the desert, it's hot here!) 

Smint & Gum mints, single-dose eye drops (my eyes get really dry especially when I wear my contacts), bobby pins, an extra pony tail holder

In my makeup bag: my inhaler, MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink (the perfect tinted lip balm!), Forever 21 Blotting Papers, Kiss My Face Vanilla Honey lip balm, Cargo Lipgloss in Luxor, a perfume vial filled with Tom Ford's Black Orchid (I hate carrying around big bottles of perfume, so I try and put my perfume into small atomizers to carry around)

Quick note: I know that my pictures need a little work, I've been playing around with my camera settings to try and see what works. My girlfriend is a photographer and she said she'd show me some tricks so hopefully I'll have some more professional (ie less 'wow, did your little 6 year old cousin take that picture?') photos soon!

In the mean time, what's in your purse? How often do you change your purse around? I change my 'every day purse' like once a month or when I get bored. But, when I go out at night I like to use clutches so that changes pretty often. 

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  1. I keep meaning to do my bag post but I keep forgetting. Great post hun


  2. Cute post.
    I love your wallet!


  3. Your pics aren't bad at all! Love the bag :)

  4. Love your bag, it's gorgeous...Looks like its worth more than £10! I can imagine needing the deodrant in Dubai, I swear it's so hot, even though everywhere is air conditioned! Lol! You're so lucky...

  5. I love these types of posts :) I think i'll do mine tomorrow. I love how organised you are, it all looks so neat and tidy compared to mine haha! x

  6. Do the Forever 21 blotting papers work well?

  7. Miss LV - Thanks! I'll be waiting for your post :)

    Nora Schu - Thank you! It's really old, but I love the color and it goes with everything! It's the perfect size, too. It's really flat so it fits into most of my clutches.

    Ms. Nik - Aww! hehe thanks! :)

    Shameera - Doesn't it? I'm kicking myself for not buying more! The sucky thing is that in the summer, even though everything is airconditioned
    it's just that walk from the door to the car that kills you! haha come out and visit your friend so we can meet up! :)

    Adrienne - Don't be fooled. This purse was recently cleaned. My purses are usually full of random crap! But yet, I never find 'surprise money'...:(

    ofarealy - I don't really have anything to compare them to. They do the job, they get rid of surface shine and they are cheap and cute!

    The Masked Fashion Doll - thank you!! :)

  8. Next time I come to Dubai I am sooo going to let you know so we can meet up :) xxx

  9. Ooh yes, do that! And if any of you guys come over here, let me know so we can meet! :)

  10. This reminds me to do a bag post! I'll do one soon.

    I like your bag! I've been trying to find one similar for a while, but it's probably best I don't or I'll fill it up with anything I can. I'm surprised you haven't got piles of things in there - you're really organised!

  11. How interesting! I normally don't carry that much... Lately I have been carrying one hand cream and one lip gloss! Can you believe it?

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  12. 25FLONDON - you should do one! I love seeing what other people carry, I'm always like 'hmm..I wonder if I should carry that too!' :) It's organized now, but give it a week! I *try* not to carry too much because I get weird little bruises on my shoulder when my bag is too heavy :(

    Beauty Addict - haha just the essentials!! I have a friend who doesn't carry a purse at all! She just stuffs her wallet, phone and lip balm into her jeans pockets!

  13. Awesome, I love "what's in my purse" posts!! I like the idea of carrying around a little foldable shopping bag. That Cargo lipgloss looks really pretty! :-)

    I change my bag probably 3 x per week. I have two larger bags I use for work, and on the weekend I transfer my essentials into my smaller, cuter, going out bags. Gah, I just love handbags!

  14. hahahah you are too cute!! Handbags are awesome. I would probably change mine more often, but I'm quite lazy. I'm using a leopard print one this week, and i'm too lazy to change it so I just change my outfits around the bag! haha
    Yeah, the shopping bag is a great idea! It's so convenient. I feel guilty when I don't have it and have to get a shopping bag :(

  15. How interesting! I normally don't carry that much... Lately I have been carrying one hand cream and one lip gloss! Can you believe it?

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  16. Your pics aren't bad at all! Love the bag :)


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