Those Braces Really Paid Off!

I just came across Gwen Stefani's new L'oreal ad on Vexinthecity. Now, I hate to admit my age (or give clues! haha) but let's just say I was in my early teens when No Doubt first came out. Gwen Stefani was like a goddess to little ska-punk-loving me, she was so pretty and cool and she wore those big baggy pants that the boys wore (gasp!). *sigh*. She was just awesome.

Even during this phase:

Anyway, those braces were totally worth it because her teeth look AMAZING. Seriously. Just check out her new L'oreal Paris commercial and tell me otherwise.

Gwen's definitely toned down her look (and music) in recent years. But I guess that happens when people grow up. Anyway, she looks great in the commercial. I really love her hair and I actually really like the suits she is wearing.

And for those of us that miss the "Old Gwen":

What do you guys think of Gwen's commercial? Were you also No Doubt fans growing up?


  1. Oh no, there is no way we're at that age yet where we have to be discreet about how old we are! Lol :D

    I loved Gwen back in the day but now she's really grown into herself and she's so elegant. She looks awesome in this ad! It's amazing how much of a difference great teeth can make to a face.

  2. Haha! I don't know, my birthday's coming up next month and I'm debating whether or not this will be my last 'real' birthday! :P

    Her teeth look amazing! I know there was obviously some computer work done, but I couldn't stop staring at them! haha

  3. Awww I was (still am) the biggest No Doubt fan...with pink hair and everything!
    Still love Gwen now :)

  4. Hi Jazzy E, thank you for stopping by! :)

    Leah! No way! Did you seriously have pink hair?? I'm so jealous! hahaha I'm thinking of putting a bit of pink in my hair soon! :)

  5. I dyed all the underneath of my hair bright pink...many years ago when I could get away with it!

  6. Gwen is SO beautiful. I wish I got braces when I was younger, now they are so ugly. Maybe I'll get them now. :(

    Anyways, YES I did my post late last night so I didn't want to tell you guys until today.

    You won another award! I'm happy to have a blogger friend like you. You definately deserve this award. :D

  7. Leah, i bet it looked awesome! I want to do it now, because I figured the only thing worse than a woman in her late 20s with pink hair is a woman in her 30s with pink hair!

    Aww!! Pam!!! Thank you so much!!!!! :D

  8. hahaha the picture with the braces is amazing! :D
    But she looks gorgeous in the commercial..

  9. hahah I know, but even with that hair (those bangs!) and everything, she totally owned it! She really does look gorgeous in the commercial, doesn't she?


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