NOTW - I Tried a Shellac Manicure!

On New Year's Day, I got an email telling me that I won a voucher to get a Shellac repolish and a mini facial at Beauty Within, a salon over at the Marina. It was a great way to start the new year!

I wanted (read: NEEDED) to get a proper manicure, but the Shellac repolish only consists of a shape and polish. However, they were kind enough to let me get a proper manicure and just pay the difference (55dirhams)

According to CND, Shellac is "a breakthrough, patent-pending UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. No other products in the market can stand up to the claim – on like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes."

I wanted a nice, bright, cheery shade so I chose Tropix, an orangey coral color.

The manicure took about 50 minutes. My technician started with nail shaping and cuticle work (although, I'm not sure why she didn't soak my nails first- maybe that's part of the Shellac procedure?) After that, she applied the UV base coat, two coats of the UV Color Coat and one coat of UV Top coat. I put my hands under the UV lamp for a couple of minutes in between each coat.

CND Shellac UV Color Coat - Tropix 

I really love the color, it's so bright and makes me happy :) I also love the high gloss finish. I got it done yesterday and so far, I have no chips or nicks whatsoever. Shellac manicures are supposed to last up to two weeks with no chipping, so I'll write another review in two weeks!

I'm trying to grow out my nails for my birthday next month, and I'm hoping that the shellac will help me stop biting. I have a really bad habit and I start going at my nails the second the polish starts to chip. :(

I met with my lovely friend Felicia afterwards and she gave me some nail polish that almost exactly matches the one on my hands!

Nailstation Happy Hour

It's a tiny bit more pink than Tropix, but it works perfectly and it looks great on my toes! I have a feeling I'll be wearing this shade a lot this summer! Thanks Felicia :)


  1. Exciting! I've been wanting to try this Shellac thing out since I saw Lisa Eldridge talking about it. Love the colour, very bright and cheerful! Can you update later about whether or not it actually lasts the 2 weeks?

  2. Yes, I will definitely write an update for you guys. I'm curious myself, too. A lot of times, things don't last very long over here (I think it's due to the weather and the water) so we'll see!

  3. I love that colour - it's so happy and bright! Fingers crossed it last as well as it should :) x

  4. I don't think Shellac is the one for me (I like to change my polish every couple of days) but I've heard it works great & it looks very shiny in your pics! I also like that they're not just doing the basic colours - the coral you have on is beautiful!

    Lucky you for winning!

  5. Cute color!
    I love that it's bright but umm subtle? Haha.

  6. Thanks Hannah! I'm hoping it lasts. When I got regular gel extensions, they lifted really quickly. So fingers crossed!

    25FLONDON - haha thanks! I do worry that i might get bored with the color, but hopefully I can deal with it until my nails grow out :)

    Nora Schu - Thanks! Yeah, it's bright, but not really 'in your face' bright. it seems to work well with most of the colors in my wardrobe *phew!*

  7. That's such a beautiful colour, so summery!
    Lovely blog, now following :)xx

  8. Thanks Rebecca! And thanks for following :)

  9. What a gorgeous colour. I have looked at these shellac polishes in my local beauty outlet store but since I dont have a UV light and can't paint my own nails very well, I never bought them. I like to change my polish a lot so I don't know if this would be good for me. I do get acrylics done every two weeks though. This might be less expensive.

  10. Thanks Ansa!

    Alicia - yeah, I'm worried I might get bored of the color, but I'm hoping I can Konad over it when that happens (although I really love the color right now!) The good thing is that a shape and polish costs the same as a regular manicure. And the whole thing is about 1/3 - 1/4 the price of gel or acrylic overlays over here.

  11. Great post! I'm always looking for no-chip polishes! I can't wait for the 2 week review :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  12. Thanks Melanie:) I will probably do a review in a week as well to let you guys know how it's going. I'm a bit annoyed because I had a little lump that I picked at and now I have a tiny hole on the side of my thumb (argh!) but other than that, it's still good! :)

  13. OMG! Your manicure looks so perfect!! I can't wait for more updates on your opinion of Shellac!! Thanks so much for sharing. Besides, it is such a pretty colour!
    XOXO from a new follower here,

  14. Thanks Catanya! And thank you for following! :)

  15. Love the nail colour. i've noticed recently that some salon's don't soak my hands too first for some reason! x

  16. You lucky, lucky lady! I've always wanted to try Shellac, seen so many rave posts on it and I'm not surprised! Your manicure looks amazing! xx

  17. I'm loving the colour of this nail polish, looks so nice..x

  18. The Dollymis Diaries - it's kind of weird, isn't it? Sometimes I think maybe it's the products they use and sometimes I feel like they've just forgotten to do it or are too lazy.

    DesignerSpray - Thanks! hahah yeah, it was a nice way to start the year, as I had a kind of crappy end to 2010!

  19. I'm loving the colour of this nail polish, looks so nice..x


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