Ladies Night at Okku and Sephora Goodies!

Last night, I went to Girls Night Out With Sephora at Okku, a restaurant/lounge here. They have their ladies nights, 'O' Socialista every Tuesday night and they team up with various girlie outlets from all over the city. I had never been to Okku before, so I was pretty excited to check it out.

Okku was gorgeous. It was pretty packed, there were loads of people just having dinner there.

The staff were all lovely. The girls at the PR firm who run the night (can't remember the name!) were all gorgeous and super friendly. I love the fact that they have put so much thought into it. They even had a selection low calorie cocktails especially for the night, I don't think any of them were over 120 calories!

I didn't have my camera with me (shame!) but they had makeup tables set up where Sephora makeup artists were giving makeovers. They also had a tiny station where they were curling hair and they even had a massage therapist! The only issue I had was that the space that they were using was just a tiny corner and it got so hot because of the lights at the makeup stations. Other than that, I had a blast :)

OK, onto the goodies! I was super excited because I didn't actually know that there would be any! Luckily, we spotted everything on the way out and this is what I managed to walk away with.

Sephora Sun Velvet Sunscreen Spray
id bareminerals Mineral Foundations Golden Dark, Warm Tan, Dark
id bareminerals Tinted Mineral Veil
Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadows mat 03, mat 01, pearl 02
Sephora nail polish Groseille and Passion

We were also given a voucher to try out a quick treatment at the Shiffa Spa. Yes, that is Bowie's nose. He's so nosy!

Shiffa is a local luxury brand that uses natural ingredients. I have a few of their products and they are absolutely beautiful so I will definitely use this voucher!

I wore the sunscreen spray to my yoga class today (it is outdoors) and I will definitely repurchase this when I run out. The texture is lovely and the scent is so nice! It doesn't smell like sunscreen at all. It has an almost fruity scent. I couldn't stop smelling my arms!

I was a little worried at first because I sometimes drag my friends to these events and they end up being kind of lame. But everyone had a really good time :)

So that was my night! What have you guys been up to this week? I've really been kicking my butt with my workout classes because my birthday is coming up! I've been so sore the past few days, but it will be worth it! :)


  1. Lovely post, that Shiffa brand sounds good, glad you had a nice night out, those workout classes sound painful lol, I need to start losing weight/getting fit...too many chocolates lately xx

  2. hahaha you don't have to tell me about too many chocolates! hahaha! I'm at the stage where I can *feel* a difference, but I can't see one yet. Still have loads to go! :( Oh well. Plenty of time till summer! hehe

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing night. Love the goodies that you got :)x x

  4. Sounds like a lovely night you had, loving all the freebies!

  5. Thanks you guys! You can't go wrong with free makeup and gossip with your girls :) hehe


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