DIY CND Shellac Manicure Removal + Final Review

OK, so it's been over two weeks now (I think it's been 16 days?) and my nails definitely need to be sorted! I couldn't be bothered to go to the salon and have the Shellac removed, so I thought I'd just do them myself. I saw the remover pads for sale, but they were basically just cotton pads with extra fabric to wrap around your fingers.

I've seen a few other bloggers who have used the same DIY method to remove the Shellac, and it's so easy!

The Shellac manicure after 16 days. Apart from my thumb, I noticed very little chipping on the edge. Most of the chips seemed to be on the sides. My index finger was pretty bad, but I think I may have picked at it. Otherwise, not bad fot 2 weeks! Still super shiny!

Acetone-based Polish remover (didn't have pure acetone), Solar Oil, Orange Woodsticks, Cotton, Foil

I cut the cotton pads in half, and cut the foil into big rectangles. Then I  applied some Solar Oil around my nails to protect my cuticles. After that, I poured the remover on to the pad and wrapped it around my finger.

Then I folded the foil over the nail and folded the sides in, so it wrapped around my finger.

Totally going to wear my nails like this, this weekend!

I let the pads sit on my nails for about fifteen minutes. Then I removed the foil. Some of the gel-polish came off with the pad. I used the orange wood stick to very gently scrape the rest off. It was really easy, I used hardly any pressure at all.

I used my nail buffer to gently buff any remaining bits of Shellac (the soft, spongy buffer) Then I massaged some more Solar Oil into my nail beds and cuticles because they were a little dry.

I think the whole process took me about 45 minutes. It might have taken less time if I had pure acetone, and was better at working with my left hand!

Over all, I'm really pleased with this product. The manicure lasted longer than a regular one and my nails grew out quite a bit! They also feel really strong. I don't feel any damage to them at all. One of them is peeling a bit at the end, but my nails do that anyway and just one is better than all of them, like usual!

I would definitely recommend a Shellac manicure. Especially if you are prone to biting and have thin nails, like I do. I don't know if it's great to have a 2 week manicure, because you do get that space between the cuticle and the nail polish. But, if you don't mind that you're not too bothered with changing your nail polish too often, this is a wonderful option! 

My nail polish does sometimes last up to a week anyway. However, regular polish doesn't give my nails the kind of added strength and protection that Shellac does. So, as I mentioned before, this is a great way to grow out your nails. The fact that there is no damage during the removal process makes it a great alternative to traditional gel overlays, unless you want the extensions. They are also much cheaper, over here the Shellac is about 1/3 the price of gel overlays.

I hope my reviews helped you guys if you are debating getting a Shellac manicure!


  1. Wow! Shellac manicures look fantastic! x

  2. They are pretty great! I'll probably get a few of them done this year.

  3. Sounds amazing!
    I'll definitely keep Shellac manicures in mind.

    Thanks for the great review! :)


  4. Thanks! I just completely fell in love with the color! I have a couple of polishes in the same shade and they are all I want to wear! hehe

  5. Thanks for sharing, I've wanted something like this for a while but never get round to making an appointment! I love the colour you had, very nice :)

  6. The colour's gorgeous <3
    Great way to take them off
    Lovely blog, now following :)xx

  7. You're welcome, Leah!
    Thanks Becka, and thanks for following! :)

  8. the color is really pretty! :D

  9. the color is really pretty! :D

  10. Thanks for sharing, I've wanted something like this for a while but never get round to making an appointment! I love the colour you had, very nice :)

  11. Thanks for the tip. Had mine done for a party on Saturday and although its only Weds now a lot of them are starting to show signs of separating away from the nail. Although I do not blame the product - just the person that applied it. I only planned to keep on for up to a week so not shedding any tears. Just hope that I don't suffer any weakening of nails as I really struggle with this but do not want to go back to acrylics or gels. Thanks again, will let you know!

  12. Hi Val, please do keep me posted! I did have a tiny bit of dryness after this, but it was NOTHING compared to when I used to wear gels!


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