A Bowie Small Update

haha, that's my attempt at a joke!

I have to apologize for my lack of posting. I had some posts planned, but somehow managed to erase all the pictures on my camera. :(

So a quick update on what's been going on with me.

Poor Bowie has had two visits to the vet in the past couple of weeks. The first time was for an eye infection that wouldn't go away. The vet thinks it is due to Feline Herpes, which he may have caught from his mom as a kitten.  Bowie is a rescue cat (sad story with a happy ending, I'll have to tell you guys later!) and I only got him when he was about 7 or 8 months old, so I'm not sure what happened to him before that.

According to petdoc.com,

"It goes by a variety of names—feline viral rhinopneumonitis, rhinotracheitis virus, FVH-1. But whatever you want to call it, feline herpes is one of the most common causes of upper respiratory infections in cats.

In addition to sneezing, runny nose and eyes, the virus can cause conjunctivitis, or inflammation of the lining of the eyelid, and lesions in and around the eyes. Cats weakened by the virus may also develop secondary infections."

I had to give him anti-viral medication and eye drops for 9 days. He's such a good kitty, he took it like a champ! It was kinda bad for a while, he even had trouble opening his eyes. But it cleared up in the end and now he has his big green eyes back!

I can't believe he was ever this small!!

The second time was due to an upset tummy. I think our previous vet misdiagnosed what he had, as it's been a recurring thing. So, another twelve days of pills and then hopefully everything will clear up for good!

And then I had to go to the doctor too! Remember how I said that I got a facial the other week? It was a mini-peel and I guess I reacted to the salicylic acid in it. My entire face broke out in little bumps. Like literally everything except my eyes and mouth. At first, I thought it was because everything was brought to the surface, but it wasn't clearing up. I went to see my dermatologist and he said it was an allergic reaction. So he's given me some medicine and cream to use for ten days. Which is OK, but it means I have to stay out of direct sunlight for a while and now my skin is alternating between bumps and major peeling :( 

So I've obviously had a very sexy week! hahaha! Went out last night, which was fun and have a dinner tonight with a girlfriend. I will try to take a FOTN, if my skin cooperates!

Woop woop it's the weekend, yo!!


  1. Such a cute kittie!

    That really sucks about your facial reaction, I hope it clears up soon!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Sounds horrible. I never believe the whole 'those bumps mean your skin is purging!' thing anymore. Especially when my skin is red & I can feel it pumping!

    Bowie is so, so cute. I love his tail & colouring! I hate it when pets get ill, it's so worrying. I hope he's better soon!

  3. bless him hes beautiful :) i hope the 12 days of medication clear it all up! x

  4. Thanks Leah. It's getting much better, today I've just had the peeling.

    25FLONDON, isn't it the worst? I always get so panicked. I had to stop reading up symptoms on the internet because they freaked me out so much! I have another voucher for a facial, but I'm going to leave that for the summer!

    Thanks Adrienne! Yeah, hopefully it will clear up and he won't have to go to the vet so often!

  5. SOOOOOO GORGEOUS, your cat is SUPER cute!!! Awwww, I hope he gets better soon, lots of kisses and cuddles from me and Bambi xxx


  6. AwwwW!! That's so sweet!!! hehe I shall pass on the kisses and cuddles, thank you :)

  7. Oh. My. God. ThatfluffballissoADORABLE.

  8. AwwwW!! That's so sweet!!! hehe I shall pass on the kisses and cuddles, thank you :)

  9. My kitten is also from the street like you I always feel for them and want to save them all. A few days ago her third eyelid starting showing over her eye and running and now its this dark red. I wonder if this is the same thing?

  10. It's quite possible, I think it's a pretty common thing. When I first called my vet about it, he told me to try Maxitrol eye ointment. It didn't help, which is how we knew it must have been a virus. I'd take your kitten to the vet, just to be sure. You're kitten is soo cute, btw! :)


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