NOTW - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Base coat + Two coats of polish + Daiso Gel Top Coat

I do love black polish, but I felt like I needed a break because it was every where for so long! I only recently started to wear inky shades again. This one is nice because it's actually a very dark purple. The polish is pretty shiny on it's own, but this new top coat makes it super glossy. 


  1. Nice!
    I am currently obsessed with Borghese Carnavale Grape and it looks VERY close to this one.
    I refuse to wear polish till they've grown out, lol.

  2. This is what I am currently wearing on my nails. I really like it.

  3. @Gabrielle, I'm a biter too! It's terrible! But I do much better when they are painted and glossy. I can go months without biting and then get stressed out and all my hard work goes down the drain :(

    @FunnyFaceBeauty how awesome!! :) It's such a great cold weather shade, isn't it?

  4. That is EXACTLY what I do.
    My plan is to have a journal with me at all times and write down how I feel when I have the urge to bite my nails or eat when I'm not even hungry. Hope it works out for me.
    Hoping it will stop me from biting or over-eating and replace those bad habits with writing! lol

  5. for some reason i love purple nail polishes that can be mistaken for black, its like having a little secret, lol

  6. Good luck Gabrielle!
    Erica, lol. I like the dark purple ones, too because they just feel more "grown up" than plain black, if that makes sense!

  7. I really like black polishes too. I think they are really fun when you wear them under glitter top coats!

    In regard to Trendy Nail wraps, I didn't need to trim them. They fit perfectly on my nails. Some of them are quite large and I reckon next time I'll need to trim the other sizes if I wear them.

    Good luck on finding Essence! I hope their new collection arrive in Dublin too!

    Confesions of a Beautyholic

  8. @Jazzy E thank you so much for reading! Happy almost birthday! :)

    @Confessions of a Beautyholic, yes, I love how glitter shows up on dark polish. Thanks for the reply, I might have to just buy some of the wraps and try it out!


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