Make Up Course in Dubai With Jojo Price

This week, I took a two day makeup course at the Dubai Ladies Club. The course was with international makeup artist, Jojo Price. On the first day, we focused on every day makeup and worked on getting a pretty, polished look. The second day covered night time looks, mainly the smokey eye.

I really enjoyed the course, even though I was really nervous as I've been out of the industry for longer than I'd like to admit! Jojo was lovely and full of great tips! I learnt some new techniques and it was great to just get up to date on things. The course would be great for anyone whether you're looking to start out in the industry or learn a few new techniques to use on yourself.

These courses are pretty new, this was on the second one that they have held. They are going to hold some other ones as well, I think a Burlesque makeup course and a Fashion/Catwalk one. The Burlesque one should be really fun! The Ladies Club is hosting a couple of makeup events next month where Jojo will be giving demos as well. You can call the club on 04 3499922 for the exact dates, they should be really fun to check out.

Makeup was provided by Inglot

 International makeup artist, Jojo Price

You can also visit Jojo's website to see some more of her work.


  1. Very Cool - I would LOVE to take a makeup class - It would be so much fun!

  2. I had a really good time! The only problem was that I think I may have reacted to the makeup and now I have a rash on the side of my face :( Oh well, it happens.

  3. I would love to take another makeup course. This one sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. It really was super fun! I will hopefully be taking a few more courses this year.

  5. Oh my goodness, that sounds like so much fun and the Burlesque course sounds awesome!! And I love Inglot, their shadows are so pigmented.

  6. Yes, I think the burlesque one would be really good! Apparently we get a discount with Inglot for taking the course, so I'm going to go next week and grab some eyeshadows, they really were gorgeous!

  7. oh maaaan! Wish I knew about.. I woulda sooo attended!!

    And yah.. it totally sucks about Stila being discontinued at sephora! And so is NARS by the way which is sooo annoying coz I love that brand!! Apparently bloomies will be the only carrier of NARS in Dubai.. But even they don't have much stock left!

    Nice blog by the way..

    I'm following you now ;)


  8. helloo i also want  to do some courses

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  10. Do u gv any courses hw much the course and whr abt more details


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