How To Clean Your Nars Products

I love Nars products and I especially love the packaging. But, of course the products get dirty. Especially if you carry yours around in the bottom of your purse (like I do!).

All I used were these Dettol wipes:
Here's what my makeup looked like before:

 Yes, my South Beach Multiple was disgusting. That's the one that gets carried around in my purse. 

And here's what they looked like after:

 So clean! Apart from my fingerprints haha

I used the wipes to gently rub the packaging clean. The South Beach one required a little more scrubbing because it was pretty bad. But I'm happy with the results and my new-ish looking makeup :) I wasn't sure what to use because I didn't want to ruin the finish, but I use the Dettol wipes on pretty much anything so I gave it a go! I think it should work with any cleaning wipes.


  1. I do this when I have to take my mac empties in to collect the free lipstick! I dont know why makeup gets so dirty!

  2. I hate how dirty the NARS packaging gets! I use my makeup wipes to clean mine and it works really well. I was going to try my rubbing alcohol but I read some where that it strips the rubbery plastic from the cases and leaves a shiny finish instead.

    Are the multiples worth buying? I've always been curious about them but they look like they're a bit dry for some reason so I've always stayed away!

  3. @shameera aww that's so cute how you clean them to take them back in!!! hehe I know, I hate it when you bring home brand new makeup and after one use, it looks like it's been thrown around in dust for a week!

    @ Beauty Bug, I really like my multiples. I have South Beach and Orgasm. They're really great for putting on during the day and they're also great for layering. They do look a bit dry, but that's good for me because my skin tends to get a little oily during the day. And especially since they are shimmery, the drier formula keeps me from looking too shiny. They dry like a powder. I definitely recommend them. I've had my South Beach one for a couple years now!

  4. Great post! I really need to do this too. I love the NARS packaging but hate just how dirty they get. I have also found that the NARS powder products crack really easily and thats why I get shadow all over them. I already completely broke my orgasm/laguna duo. I'll still buy tons of NARS products though :)

  5. OMG! My Orgasm/Laguna broke when I first got it too!! I put it back together after watching one of those youtube videos. I'm always so careful with it now!


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