FOTN - Galapagos

Last night I went to have dinner with a girlfriend. We went Toscana's a wonderful Italian restaurant at Madinat Jumeirah. So delicious! Madinat Jumeirah is one of my favorite places in the city. It's a beautiful hotel, styled like an old Arabian souq. It's a gorgeous place to go on dates as well, because at night all the palm trees are lit up and it's almost like you're sitting under a giant candle!

Anyway..back to the beauty! I decided to go for a slightly sultry, darker look. I didn't want to go full on black, since we were only going out to dinner, so I chose to use my beloved Nars Galapagos shadow. This has been a favorite of mine for years now, it's a beautiful dark bronze with tiny flecks of gold glitter.

Oh, hello there, Random Strand Of Hair In The Middle Of My Face!  

Please excuse the frizz. That is the result of me running out of water during my shower and then having to make up for lost time by blowdrying my hair like a maniac (and yet, still running late!) 
I reacted a little to the foundations we used on the course and my skin had weird dry, peeling patches and so I decided to use my Stila foundation which is creamier than my Mac one. You can still see that my skin looks a little uneven and patchy, but I didn't want to use too much makeup.

Stila Oil free natural finish foundation - G
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit - Honey
NYX blush - Terracotta

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX shadow - Highlight (all over lid)
Nars shadow - Galapagos (up to crease and lower lashes)
NYX shadow - Ray (crease and inner corners)
MAC Technikohl - Graph black
Maybelline Falsies mascara

NYX lipgloss - Natural

So that's my look. I got home last night and tried my new Bioderma makeup remover and my eyes got really irritated. I woke up this morning and my eyes were totally bloodshot (not due to a hangover, I promise!) So I went to see my doctor and as soon as I took off my glasses he was like 'Oh, that's an infection!'. I somehow managed to get another eye infection! Apparently this is different from the one I had last time, and it could be caused by my contacts or the fact that I've started aqua aerobics and have been in the pool a lot lately. Either way, it's very uncomfortable :(


  1. What are you talking about? Your skin is flawless! Your FOTN is gorgeous. I hate having eye infections from contacts as well so hope you get better soon.

  2. Gorgeous look, love that colour! I sometimes hate reading your blog, as it reminds me that I'm not in Dubai lol!x

  3. Aww thanks Pam! I've been massaging vitamin e oil on the patches to help them heal. I've never had an infection from my contacts before, but I kind of took a break from wearing them for a while. I might actually get goggles to wear when I'm in the pool (so sexy! haha)

    Thanks Shameera. Funny thing about Dubai. People that grew up here can't wait to leave and people who visit can't wait to come back! :) I like it though, it will always be home.

  4. It's a great place to call home! My friend moved over there a few years ago, and he wouldn't ever want to leave either! Hope your eye gets better x

  5. You look gorgeous! Looks like I'll have to add Galapagos to my ever growing list of things I want ;) How are you finding the Bioderma remover? I always see Pixiwoo talking about it and I've been wanting to try it out.

    I hope the infection clears up soon xx

  6. haha Shameera, I always tell people that there are much worse places to be stuck! :)

    Thank you Al! :)

    Thsnks Bug! I only tried the remover once, and it irritated my eyes, but that could have been because the infection was already setting in. I did use it to take off the rest of my makeup and noticed that in the morning, my face was very soft and not as oily as it usually is. I'm going to give it another go soon and write a proper review :)

  7. Pretty look!

    I just watched a show on TV about Dubai and the UAE! It looks beautiful there! :)

  8. Aww thanks Barbie! Dubai is lovely, I really recommend a visit, especially during the winter! And thanks for reading :)

  9. I love Tuscana. It was where I used to go with Farah and Thoraya. Great food!

    Love the make up hun. Gorgeous as usual!

  10. Beautiful eye makeup! I love your natural look but with a little subtle pizazz!


  11. Aisha, I've been there a few times now and every time, it still takes me ages to decide because literally everything is delicious!

    Thanks Dollymix Diaries and Teresa! :)

  12. You look beautiful! Love Nars.. I will have to check out that shadow. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design... I am now your newest follower. xo

  13. Thank you Debby! I love your blog, I check it nearly every day :)

  14. Love it!
    Take care of your eyes girlie ... These infections are scary!

  15. Thanks Gabrielle!!

    I am definitely taking care of my eyes. I think everything happened all at once, I think all the sand storms aren't helping, so I've been trying to avoid going outside.

  16. Pretty look!

    I just watched a show on TV about Dubai and the UAE! It looks beautiful there! :)


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