Time for A Trim

The last time I got a hair cut was in September, so I'm just about due for a trim. I'm trying to grow my hair out, so it's important that I get rid of any tiny split/damaged ends before they get worse and I end up having to get a lot of hair off.

I also had a bit of an overlap of last year's straightener and this summer's bleached highlights. I was waiting for my hair to grow out a bit before I trimmed that bit off. I'm a bit hesitant to head to the salon to get my hair done because a)I'm afraid they might cut off too much and b)I don't really want to pay just to have my ends dusted, when I can do it myself.

I first sectioned my hair into five sections. One at the back, one at the crown, one on each side and my bangs.  I find that with hair care in general, sectioning makes things so much easier.

My tools. I've had these scissors since beauty school!

Beware: My hair is really dirty and super messy in these next pictures!!

Before the trim, my ends are really uneven. (I also have a lot of little hair stuck on me because I'd already done the other side!)

 After the trim. My ends are still a little dry, but muuuch better and a lot more even than before!

If you're thinking of trimming your own hair, here's a video I came across on youtube. It's by BrittneyNGray, she has a really simple method of trimming your own hair. And how gorgeous is she??

Well, there ya have it. If there are any other 'self trimmers' out there, I'd love to hear some tips!

Love and kisses!

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