Hair of the Day: CurlieCues

I never really appreciated my natural hair texture until my 20s. It was never as straight as my mom's, never as curly as my dad's and growing up we had no idea what to do with it!

Then I went to beauty school and learnt to appreciate my hair a little more. It's very versatile. I can easily wear it really straight, or wear it big. And it can take a LOT of abuse!

Wearing it curly is a bit more difficult for me. My hair isn't really curly as much as it is textured and frizzy. If I let it airdry on it's own, it turns into a big frizzy mess, with hardly any curl pattern at all. So it takes a lot of coaxing and then I have to be careful because the curls loosen if I lay down on it or run my fingers through it (so high maintanence!! hehe) Also, as I'm sure you curly haired girls know, it's hard to wear curly hair when it's short because you just end up looking like a poodle!

I had my hair straightened last summer, so I had to wait for all of that to grow out and now it's longer so I'm a bit more comfortable wearing my natural texture. I'm really pleased with the growth so far and wanted to share some pictures it with you guys!

I washed and treated my hair last night and then applied some L'oreal serum and Umberto Giannini Curling product (can't remember the exact names) this is what it looked like in the morning.

 My bedhead

My hair is a big mix of textures. It ranges from small ringlets to big, loose waves, and there are even bits that refuse to have any sort of shape at all! 

Woah! Check out the frizz!! Oh well, I guess it just adds to the whole 'messy wild look'! 

Well, there's my hair! It's always been a bit of a challenge, but I've finally made peace with it and now I finally really appreciate it! I don't wear it like this very often, but I think I'm going to start to. I'm hoping I can get some good length on it before next summer!

Thanks for reading!

PS I'm wearing Stila's Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer here. I'm not sure I like it very much, it makes my face quite shiny.


  1. I love your hair. While girls are burning theirs with straighteners or curling irons to get the messy waves look, you dont even need to break a sweat. Lucky girl!!

  2. Aww!!! Thanks so much!! :D Except, I just took a shower and they kind of fell so...out comes the iron! hahaha Just helping mother nature out a little :) xoxoxoox

  3. I think your hair is gorgeous. I would love hair like that

  4. Thank you! When I was younger, I wanted really straight hair! But I'm really happy with my hair now, it requires a bit more TLC but hey :)


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