Weigh in 2

OK So I just finished my second week on my 'journey'.

The results are in and I've lost.....

0 pounds.

ARGH!!!! This week was Eid, everyone was home and, as per tradition, everyone kept sending us food baskets with lots of yummy pastries! Seriously, argh!! I did really well on the first few days, and to be fair, I did manage not to over-eat at meals. It was just all of the cheating and the little cookies in between that did me in!

I was talking to a friend today and she was telling me how I picked a really bad time to start trying to lose weight. She does have a point, between Eid, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve it does sort of seem like I'm fighting a losing battle.

But then today, I read something over at Lindsey's blog Football, Faith and Flying. She said "Nobody wants to wake up on New Year's Day knowing they could have been 20 pounds lighter, but instead they are 25 pounds heavier." 

And she's totally right. I could easily give this up, but I know that the only person it would disappoint is me. And if I give in to the holidays, I am only going to make things harder. How many times have I given up at the beginning of the year and beaten myself up when summer came around? When I SHOULD have been wearing my little dresses and showing off my legs, but instead I stuck with floor length maxis to hide my giant calves? 

So this week I'm just going to try extra hard. Thanksgiving is just one (absolutely glorious) day.  I don't want to mess everything up for one day. I did that this week and that was the last time it will happen.  Losing weight isn't easy. You have to put an effort into it. Thanksgiving and Christmas come along every year. There's no need for me to eat like there's no tomorrow. It will be really hard, but I think I can do it!

This week's UPs:
I worked out twice (two more than last week yay!)
Bought new running shoes (can't wait to try them out tomorrow morning!)
My new Reebok Runtones. Yes, I gave into the fad. They were actually the most comfortable pair I tried on! They were so bouncy!
I also found these cute headphones at Daiso (the Japanese Hypermarket where you can find practically everything!) My headphones always pop out of my ears when I run, hopefully these will help.

I didn't gain any weight, surprisingly.

This week's Downs:
I didn't lose any weight so I have to work super hard to make up for it.
I cheated. A lot. Damn those delicious cookies!
I didn't eat very well either. I kept waking up at noon and would skip breakfast and head straight into lunch.

Well, there you have it. My second week. It feels like I have so much longer to go! 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Love and kisses!


  1. My cousin found it really hard to lose weight. She kept getting discouraged when she found out she had lost none one week. You should be happy as long as you havn't GAINED weight. She started to realise this and has lots of weight recently. Oh and i was watching a youtube fitness video and the girl talking said you should only weigh yourself every month, because if you do it everyweek you might not have lost weight one week and will just give up. Good luck :)

  2. I guess you're right. Not losing any weight is still better than gaining some! I don't know about only weighing myself once a month. I'm having a hard enough time weighing myself only once a week! hehe But it does make sense. Even if I don't lose anyway weight this week, it will all even out in the long run. Thanks for the encouragement! xx

  3. Are you kidding me!? Another blogger quoting my words? Do you know how crazy awesome that is? :)

    And on the zero loss thing... it happens right? Be encouraged friend, the fight is a long one, and you have the power to make your next weigh in a good one.

    One more thing... I loved your post about the top knot that is so popular these days. After reading your blog about it, I mustered the courage to try it on myself. It was actually pretty cute I thought. So thanks for the idea for the new 'do!

  4. Oh, I love your blog! It's very inspirational!
    I just keep telling myself that last week happened, there's nothing I can do about it and there's no reason to let it mess up this week. So hopefully I'll do OK :)
    I'm glad you liked the top knot! I've been wearing my hair like that a lot, especially if I don't have time to do it! hehe thanks for reading! :)


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