Review: Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm, 25 dirhams at Boots

Umberto Giannini Says:
A 'first of it's kind' night cream for the hair.The ultimate good hair day guarantee. Hydration is crucial for healthy looking hair so don't waste the opportunity of some twilight trichology! This light weight balm disappears on the hair and penetrates the hair shaft with hydrating repair. Like your favorite skin cream, once applied the only thing you see is the result.

I say:
I wasn't sure if I should try this or not, I have tried the overnight mask from their Spa Rituals range and it just left my hair feeling really dry and icky in the morning. But, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and my hair has been really dry lately, plus it was really cheap so I bought it.

Despite the fact that this range is cheaper than the Spa Rituals range, I actually like this a lot more! I applied a tiny bit at night, concentrating on my ends. When I checked it in the morning, my ends felt really soft! I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days, and my hair is so dry that my ends tend to get all unruly by the second day or so. 

I've used the balm for two nights so far and I'm quite pleased with the results. It definitely doesn't provide the same results as a traditional hair mask, but it hydrates much more than my usual leave-in conditioner. And it's nice to not have to reapply leave-in conditioner and redo my hair in the morning! The balm is really thick and not watery at all, so it doesn't ruin my hair style or cause my hair to frizz. 

Even though it's so cheap, it should last a really long time because you only need to use a tiny amount. I will be using this a lot this winter as there isn't as much moisture in the air so my hair tends to dry out more.  

Have any of you tried this product? Are there any other overnight masks that you recommend?


  1. Great review hun. I love the art work on these products. Actually all the Umberto Giannini packaging have funky designs.
    My hair is too soft but do you think I could still use this product and see a benefit?

  2. PS I like the little Chick on your page. Tweet chick Tweeet!

  3. I think it might help anyway, especially if your hair gets tangled or frizzy. And now that you color your hair, it might be a good idea to add in a bit more moisture. Does your hair get drier during the winter? Just use a teensy bit. You know how thick my hair is and I only use like a fingernail sized amount.
    hahahaha tweet tweet! xoxoox

  4. Wow, nice review if I find it will definitely give it a try!

  5. Thanks Abigail! Let me know what you think of it. Thanks for reading :)

  6. ok, i love this! i'm going to try it, because my hair is the worst!

    thank you!

  7. You're welcome! Let me know what you think of it. I might actually look for some other products from the range and see how they measure up :)

  8. PS I like the little Chick on your page. Tweet chick Tweeet!


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